Honda president confirms new sporty Civic will go on sale in 2015, alongside new baby SUV, plus Japan-only baby roadster and three types of hybrid powertrains
Jim Holder
21 September 2012

A new Honda Civic Type R will be launched in 2015, company president Takanobu Ito has confirmed ahead of the Paris motor show.

The car will be "cultivated with applications of technologies developed through the World Touring Car Championship" according to Ito, suggesting it will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6 litre engine. Honda enters the championship as a works team later this year.

Ito did not expand on details of the next Type R, but said that he had set his engineers the task if making it the fastest front wheel drive car to lap the Nurburgring.

It will initially be sold in Europe only. "It is important to offer customers there something sporty," Ito told Autocar. "This car is not about sales volume, but inspiring customers and engineers." He added that sales outside Europe would be considered at a later date.

Ito also confirmed development of a baby SUV was underway, for sale in 2013 and likely to be based on the Jazz, and that a small roadster for the Japanese market only, in the mould of the Honda Beat, would go on sale by 2015.

The new cars are part of a raft of product developments from Honda designed to push sales from just over three million cars to six million cars a year by March 2017.

"Now is the time to counter-attack," said Ito. "The goal is ambitious but achievable. We must work towards it.'

Ito also laid out plans to develop three new hybrid systems, using one, two or three electric motors depending on vehicle type. 

Ito pledged world leadership in economy from the one motor system. "By improving efficiency of regenerative emery recovery systems we believe we can be number one," he said.

Our Verdict

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is an impressive achievement and a worthy rival to the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus, but it isn't quite up to class-leading standards

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The two motor system will be used on mid size vehicles and be sold in the us and Japan initially.

The three motor system is used in conjunction with Honda's SH-AWD technology, which forms the basis of the powertrain for the upcoming Honda NSX, Acura RLX and the next generation Honda Legend, which will go on sale in Japan in 2014.

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21 September 2012

I hope they up the power stakes a little to compete with the current crop of hot hatches. 240-250bhp should be enough with decent handling to make it competitive..

21 September 2012

nice to know the type R will be back, but 2015 is a long way off. Will this be the current Civic, or the next generation version, the current car is already quite old (if you think of it as a face lift of the last car, which it is.) 

I hope they re think exports of the small roadster, sounds like a good idea for us too.


21 September 2012

artill wrote:

Will this be the current Civic, or the next generation version, the current car is already quite old (if you think of it as a face lift of the last car, which it is.) 

It's not - you may be thinking of the mk 6 Golf, which was a 'major minor change' designed to make it cheaper to build for an extra 2 years.

2012 Civic arrived in February this year and is all-new (apart from a bit of the frame above the rear doors, apparently). New Type R will be based on this, so will be 5-door only, I suspect.

Fastest FWD car around the Nordschleife in 2015 is a heck of a bold target, but this is a statement of intent by Honda in Europe to bring back the fun in time for new NSX.

21 September 2012

I know the Nurbergring isn't the be all and end all for fast car development but at least it shows some commitment to the Type R from Honda.  Initially I was slightly worried it was going to be a poweful blown engine dumped in to a stiff chassis.

I await the new car with some anticipation. 




It's all about the twisties........


21 September 2012

As an owner of the last Type R I'm interested to see what Honda are going to do, but don't feel particularly enthusiastic.  For a start it's 5 door only, which immediately puts a black mark against it in my book.  And the other thing sending a shiver down my spine is the idea of yet another car which is set up for a quick lap of the Nurburgring, and which invariably is less likely to work well on UK roads.

Also, Honda need to build another convertible - something to give te range some glamour (apart from the NSX which will be proced out of most people's reach).  A drop-top CR-Z (with a bit more power) would have been perfect in today's climate i.e. build the bl**dy OSM concept!


21 September 2012

Looking at the photo for the article I'm reminded of how nice looking the NSX is.  Shame they no longer make them.

21 September 2012

You are spot on R32,


In the pic above my eyes are drawn to the NSX instead of the spaceship Civic. Even after all these years it's still a beautiful car.

21 September 2012

I'm not particularly interested in what cars will be about in 3 years time!! 

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

21 September 2012

2 years is a very long time, but at least it's good news that Honda seem to be re thinking their line up. I never understood the rationale behind dropping the Type R ( or the HR-V, which is basically what this new Jazz SUV will be ), or their push for " premium ", so all of these news make sense to me. As does the fact that they're not bringing the new Accord to ( Western ) Europe.

Keeping the roadster in Japan, though... not so sure. But there is still time to change their minds.

They can also bring their new N360 inspired city car to Europe while they're at it Smile



21 September 2012

Come on Honda, this is years away. Need the type R back soon has and under 20k. You started off so well with the mark 2 type R. Went down hill after that. Wake up 2015, must be bloody joking. Please take a note, no dead axle on the next model.


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