Honda reveals a new Civic estate with concept teaser image
28 September 2012

Honda has announced a new estate variant of the Civic at the Paris motor show.

Honda’s European President, Manabu Nishimae, introduced the new Civic Wagon at the company’s press conference at the show in the form of a concept image.

A pre-production concept will be shown next year, likely at the Geneva motor show in March or the Frankfurt motor show in September.

The teaser image released by Honda reveals a swooping roofline, including a roof-rack, as well as bulging wheel arches and an unbroken window-line round to the back of the car.

Details are scarce on the Civic Wagon but it is likely that it will use the same platform and engines as the current Civic range.

Sam Naylor

Our Verdict

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is an impressive achievement and a worthy rival to the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus, but it isn't quite up to class-leading standards

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28 September 2012

a useful addition to the range, and almost guaranteed to be better looking than the hatch too.

28 September 2012

"Details are scarce on the Civic Wagon but it is likely that it will use the same platform and engines as the current Civic range."

eh, duh???


28 September 2012

Can't be uglier than the present model, that's for sure.




28 September 2012

Nice one Honda - should help fill the gap between Civic and CRX nicely. With a 1.6 diesel for the reps, and a sweet 1.8 petrol for private buyers, it could do well if they get the styling and practicality right. I'd certainly consider it!

28 September 2012
  • If it looks anything like the sketch, it should be a winner. But it needs a distinctive name like Aerodeck or Shuttle to make it stand out as a model in its own right just as the original Accord Aerodeck did.
  • Presumably Honda will have the good sense to equip the thing with a rear wiper this time?  

28 September 2012

This is a much needed addition to the Civic range (indeed it's been missed for the past two generations).

If Honda can sprinkle their packaging magic over this car in the same way as they have done with the Jazz, then this car will be a winner.



It's all about the twisties........

28 September 2012

This looks stylish and if it had 6 seats would be a great people mover especially if rear seats slid forward allowing for greater boot size when needed.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

29 September 2012

But I hope it comes with rear parking sensors, a couple of reversing cameras and very large mirrors!

  • If you want to know about a car, read a forum dedicated to it; that's a real 'long term test' . No manufacturer's warranty, no fleet managers servicing deals, no journalist's name to oil the wheels...

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