Jacked-up compact MPV revealed by VW - but a UK launch is unlikely
30 September 2010

Volkswagen has revealed its new CrossTouran at the Paris motor show – but the model is unlikely to ever make it to the UK.

The jacked-up compact MPV follows the recent launch of CrossGolf and CrossPolo models (both of which are unlikely to make it to the UK, either). VW is calling this model a “more extrovert” version of the Touran.

See the official pics of the VW CrossTouran - plus pics from the Paris motor show

The CrossTouran rides 20mm higher than the standard car and features 17-inch alloy wheels. Widened wheel arches and new side sills – plus front and rear bumpers finished in protective black plastic - give the car its jacked-up appearance.

Other additions include a matt aluminium roof rack, stainless steel exterior trim, new front seats in a different cloth trim and leather trim on the steering wheel and gear knob.

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The same range of TSI petrol and TDI engines are offered for the CrossTouran that appear in the regular car’s range, while an EcoFuel natural gas engine has been added with 133g/km CO2 emissions.

It is available to order now in Germany, priced from 27,700 euros (£22,800).

A spokesman for VW UK said that there were no plans to bring the CrossTouran to the UK at present, although this decision would be reviewed if there proved to be sufficient demand for the car.Read Autocar's first drive of the new VW Touran

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17 August 2010

It looks a lot like a Vauxhall Zafira with a new longer nose to me externally.

17 August 2010

yep, can't see we're missing much, I Can't get too upset by the fact that we won't see it over here.

17 August 2010

Part of the appeal of a VW is that it is a safe, even staid, choice but styling wise the new Touran takes it too far and strays well into the land of dull.

17 August 2010

in a word -pointless!!!

17 August 2010

What a 'cross' jacked up but no 4x4? Not even a whiff of a Haldex?

What is the point?....Oh I see VW's attempt to make a boring dull mpv look a little funky & VW UK have the cheek to price at £22k+!

No VW - just no....

17 August 2010

[quote Peanus]VW's attempt to make a boring dull mpv look a little funky & VW UK have the cheek to price at £22k+![/quote]

Volkswagen UK have not said they are importing this variant, they didn't the previous generation and in all probability they won't this. The price quoted in the article is for Germany, different tastes.

17 August 2010

I can't help but think that these sort of 'jacked-up' cars would make sense over here. Look at the state of our roads! Higher suspension would be pretty useful when traversing some of the God-awful craters on our streets.

17 August 2010

I don't reckon much to the looks of all the recent VW Cross models, but I thought that the Polo Cross and Golf Plus Cross models from a few years ago actually looked better than the models they were based on.

17 August 2010

[quote Dark Isle]I can't help but think that these sort of 'jacked-up' cars would make sense over here. Look at the state of our roads![/quote]

Agreed. Even in Africa I recall that high ground clearance was more useful than 4wd 99% of the time - even a 2wd can cope surprisingly well on even very poor dirt roads. Not sure why the Germans need the ground clearance though. And while undoubtedly competent, this VW strikes me as a modern day Matra Rancho, but without the charm.

18 August 2010

Is that satire or just nostalgia or do you honestly think the Matra charming? It was ahead of its time, admittedly, given that even Land Rover is now jumping onto the bandwagon by selling non-offroad offroaders for the school-run classes, but it never struck me as charming.


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