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Furtive-eGT revealed at Paris motor show; set for 2012 launch

French race team Exagon Engineering has branched out into road cars by launching this 2+2, the Furtive-eGT, at the Paris motor show.

The new car has been developed with input from several top-line engineering firms, including Siemens Corporate Technology (engines), Saft (batteries) and Michelin (tyres).

See the official pics of the Furtive-eGT - plus even more pics from the the Paris motor show

The 4.5m-long Furtive-eGT has two electric motors, each producing the equivalent of 168bhp. Exagon claims the car can crack 0-62mph in 3.5sec and reach a limited 155mph.

Its range is around 250 miles on electric power alone, but a small generator can extend this to just over 500 miles, using 5.5 gallons of petrol.

Exagon does have prior experience with electric vehicles: it developed a one-off electric prototype Andros Trophy ice-racer during 2009.

It aims to put the Furtive-eGT on sale before the end of 2012.

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jelly7961 29 September 2010

Re: French firm's striking 2+2 GT

Peter Cavellini wrote:
And i can water into wine, yeah, right!, other firms haven't succeeded in making a car with a viable range,let's make them put their claims to test, ask them to give you a car(Autocar) and see if it stands up.

My thoughts exactly. Put your money where your mouth is. I suspect they can't as if such a drivetrain was currently possible/viable they would be selling like the proverbial surely.
philcUK 28 September 2010

Re: French firm's striking 2+2 GT

blowerbentley wrote:
someone needs to explain to the them what "furtive" means

it means - literally - stealth in French. But you knew that - right?

blowerbentley 28 September 2010

Re: French firm's striking 2+2 GT

RobotBoogie wrote:
They are planning to follow up the Furtive with several other new models - the Sneaky, the Elusive and the Uptonogood.
That's a nice looking concept but someone needs to explain to the them what "furtive" means. Not a good name but made me smile. :-)