First official pics and details of Citroen's sporty-looking five-door premium hatchback
Julian Rendell
30 September 2010

Citroen has unveiled its new DS4 at the Paris motor show.

The lofty but sporty-looking five-door is aimed at shaking up the bread-and-butter family hatch market.

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The DS4 is the second model in Citroën’s new DS range, after the highly successful DS3, and is a platform variant of the new C4, also at Paris. Citroën is hoping it will sprinkle some DS3 magic on the bigger hatch.

Compared with the Focus-sized C4, the DS4 is 60mm shorter, 40mm taller and 20mm wider. This makes for a taller driving position with better visibility and a squatter footprint for more stable handling.

With this theme in mind, the DS4 features a panoramic windscreen that is said to give the driver an upward view of 45 degrees. “Combined with the slightly raised stance, this provides optimised visibility for the driver,” says Citroën.

Although a tall driving position is usually associated with functionality, the DS4 is clothed in an upmarket-looking skin, the work of chief stylist Marc Pinson.

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Citroën describes the styling as “compact and muscular”, the sportiness coming from a pronounced styling bulge over each rear wheel arch, the short rear overhang and steeply raked rear hatch.

Despite this sharp styling, Citroën says the cabin will seat five. To enhance the sporty look, the rear door handles are hidden in the window surround, just as with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

The engine range is extensive, with five Euro 5 units — HDi 110 and HDi 160 diesels and VTi 120, THP 155 and THP 200 petrol units. The THP 200 will top the range, with 197bhp and 203lb ft from its turbo 1.6, as well as 149g/km of CO2.

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A micro-hybrid based on the HDi 110 engine will feature stop-start and a smart alternator able to recover energy during braking.

All engines will be available with either manual or robotised manual ESG ’boxes. The micro-hybrid will feature revised gear ratios for the best fuel economy.

UK sales will kick off in autumn next year and prices are likely to be at a premium over the C4’s. But as with DS3 buyers, DS4 customers are also expected to add a high number of options.

Julian Rendell

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30 August 2010

I like it, but think the back is actually more successful than the front, even though the rear 3/4 reminds me a little of a Megane and Astra. Looks better in darker colours. On balance I prefer the DS3, but this is promising for Citroen.

30 August 2010

I really like this DS4, now it makes sense why the C4 looks so boxy and conservative.

30 August 2010

I like the looks, but I can't help feeling it will be a case of style over substance. I hope I'm proved wrong. PS Nice leg shot, by the way!

30 August 2010

Definately looks better from the rear. I can see what you mean about the astra as it has the same DLO, but I guess thats down to the arched coupe like roofline. I guess they also clearly took styling cues from MINI with the floating roof on the DS3.

30 August 2010

Good bye Focus & Co! This sexy thing makes VW Golf look like a tombstone on wheels.

30 August 2010

The styling of the DS3 is brilliant. I am not so sure about the DS4 however, it does look like a mid-life styling upgrade of the current 5 door C4!

Maybe that is why they made the next generation C4 look so make the DS4 look stylish and original!

30 August 2010

I want one! Ideally a THP 200, please.

30 August 2010

Looks fantastic... But I can't help thinking this is what the C4 should've been anyway. Still, it makes the normal C4 look even blander. This looks fantastic. Maybe the C4 was just a bit of a dud for Citroen, styling-wise.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

30 August 2010

Dress up a rubbish car in a fancy wrapper and you get - a car that is expensive and difficult to repair. Try some engineering Citroen, as opposed to spending the budget on models and PR.

30 August 2010

[quote Autocar]This makes for a taller driving position with better visibility and a squatter footprint for more stable handling.[/quote]

taller makes less stable handling, if they had used normal sized C4 with wider stance it would be a lot better handling. so it is compromised.


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