New C4 in UK dealers next year; see the latest Paris motor show pics
30 September 2010

Citroen's new C4 has been revealed for the first time at the Paris motor show.

It will take on the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf with a hi-tech cabin and much-improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions when it hits UK dealers early next year.

See the official new Citroen C4 pics - plus the latest Paris motor show pics

The model is described as “brand new” by Citroën but although all of its body panels have changed, it still sits on a modified version of the chassis that underpins the current C4.

The new model is 50mm longer, 20mm wider and 30mm taller. It’s also likely to be lighter, thanks to new construction techniques and the use of laser welding in manufacturing.

The new C4’s styling is a neat evolution of the current car’s. It retains the pronounced curve in the roofline but adopts more C5-like front-end styling, particularly the headlights. In contrast to the outgoing car, which featured a ‘coupé’ version, the new C4 will be available as a five-door only.

It’s clear from this model that Citroën is keen to create a clear distinction between bread-and-butter models and their premium DS-badged stablemates.

A performance variant of the C4 is said to be unlikely, and the gap between this car and the DS4 is expected to be wider than the difference between the C3 and the recently launched DS3.

The engine line-up is likely to remain similar to the current C4’s, although this will be the first production Citroën to get the e-HDi system previewed at the Geneva show earlier this year.

It mates a small electric motor to an as-yet-unspecified diesel engine that’s almost certain to be a 1.6-litre unit. Citroën says the powerplant, along with low-resistance tyres and stop-start, will deliver CO2 emissions of 109g/km at launch and 99g/km on future models.

Citroën is placing increased emphasis on the C4’s interior, which features a 408-litre boot (more than 20 litres larger than a Focus’s) and a number of personalisation options.

Dashboard controls will enable users to change the colour of the backlighting behind the instrument panel, and set polyphonic sound alerts as easily as changing mobile phone ringtones.

The line-up of technical features includes lane departure and blind-spot warning systems, adaptive headlights, a speed limiter with road memory settings and eTouch, an electronic system that monitors driving patterns and offers advice on how to improve fuel economy.

John McIlroy

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1 June 2010

I've really liked Citroen's design language of late but this is a tad dissapointing. It looks like the latest Imprezza with a C5 nose bolted on to the front.


1 June 2010

Very bland. Hopefully the DS4 will make up for it.



1 June 2010

I am dissapointed its very bland Citroen have been doing great untill this it sems to happen all the companys do like the first Ford focus radicall and stylish second 1 was bland do next 1 looking better . Renault the same last Megane funky and different latest 1 is bland as a hatch the 3door and sw or estate whateva u want to call it is quite nice do .

1 June 2010

C5 in the font, Astra in the back. However it looks better than the Megane and the 308 (not the hardest thing to do, but still..). Interior looks pretty good, I hope it will feel less plasticky than the current one. It's a shame they dropped the coupe version, it looked much better than the five-door one. I'd still pick a German or Japanese compact, but if you like French cars, this is nice. EDIT: I just noticed that from the side it looks amazingly like the Impreza, really not the most original design.

1 June 2010

It's a shame they blunted the previous generation's sharp, clean lines (the coupe version is still as striking to look at as it was back in 2004), but as it's been said before, probably the DS4 will deliver the goods.

However, on first impressions, the dashboard looks by far the best in class, A3 and 1-series included. Judging by the C3's progress in this regard, the build and materials quality should be very high.

1 June 2010

Very disappointing, nice details but frumpy proportions - a step back from the current model. It looks like a Kia Cerato hatchback (google it) with a C5 front end. I get the picture now - mainstream Citroens will be unadventurous (C3, C4) and the DS series (DS3, DS4) will have the style and bling. All bases covered.

1 June 2010

[quote MarcusJCW]Very disappointing, nice details but frumpy proportions - a step back from the current model. It looks like a Kia Cerato hatchback (google it) with a C5 front end. I get the picture now - mainstream Citroens will be unadventurous (C3, C4) and the DS series (DS3, DS4) will have the style and bling. All bases covered.

You're right!

1 June 2010

Is this the beginning of yet another wave of boring Citroens?

1 June 2010

The picture of the steering wheel seems to show a normal wheel instead of the current generation C4's stationary centre section. I never drove one, but I thought it was an original and sensible feature. Shame it's gone.

1 June 2010

S*... , what happened ?!


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