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Fiat 500C and Punto Evo Abarth Esseesse models launched at Paris

Fiat has launched hardcore Abarth Esseesse versions of the Punto Evo and 500C at the Paris motor show.

The Esseesse kits boost power and performance without increasing CO2 emissions or fuel consumption and also include styling changes and chassis tweaks.

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Power from the Abarth Punto Evo’s 1.4-litre turbocharged Multiair engine is increased in the Esseesse model to 178bhp, while torque is boosted to 199lb ft.

These figures compare to the 161bhp and 184lb ft produced in the standard car. The car can get from 0-62mph in 7.5sec and reach a top speed of 134mph.

The car is finished in special Campovolo Grey paintwork. It also gets titanium-coloured 18-inch alloy wheels, special leather seats and a sat-nav system.

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In the Abarth 500C, the Esseesse kit boosts power from 133bhp to 158bhp and torque is increased from 152lb ft to 170lb ft.

These changes help cut the car’s 0-62mph time to 7.6sec and enable it to reach a top speed of 130mph. Special features include a Record Monza exhaust silencer that enhances the engine sound above 4000rpm.

The car’s two-tone livery features a Campovolo Grey and Pista Grey finish. It also gets the sat-nav from the Punto Evo.

Both cars will go on sale in the UK soon.

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giulivo 14 September 2010

Re: Two hotter Abarths launched

PHILBY wrote:
Group vag polo, ibiza, fabia have 180 as well, alfa mito 170 peugeot 207rc 175 but the mighty corsa 192.

VAG cars employ twincharger (turbo plus volumetric), Peugeot and Corsa are 1.6, so it seems to me that the Abarth is the most powerful single-turbo 1.4 around, which is not bad. Yes the old SS was as powerful despite the lack of Multiair, but I think you should compare the torque curve, throttle response and emission figures as well. I don't think the old SS manages Euro5.

PHILBY 14 September 2010

Re: Two hotter Abarths launched

What I don't get is this the previous Grande punto abarth had 155bhp and the essesse 180bhp the new Evo punto abarth 165bhp and the essesse 180bhp again. I wonder how they resisted the temptation of pushing towards 200. Group vag polo, ibiza, fabia have 180 as well, alfa mito 170 peugeot 207rc 175 but the mighty corsa 192. To be frank I expected 200bhp from the essesse and a sub-7 secs to 60mph. Since Fiat declared 10% power increase over the t-jet with multair that should be the case but strangely it isn't.

MHanna 14 September 2010

Re: Two hotter Abarths launched

Love the colour combination but I don't buy the "without increasing CO2" part. You don't pull a 10% power upgrade without burning more fuel (okay - hybrids - but you know what I mean). I imagine that the CO2 test isn't conducted at wide open throttle under load, so it may be that on the actual test cycle it hasn't gone up, however I'm sure that once real drivers get their boots on the floor it certainly will.