Currently reading: New Vauxhall Corsa spotted undisguised ahead of year-end launch
Vauxhall's new Corsa has been spotted undisguised at an official photo shoot in Paris, as the model prepares to go on late this year
Darren Moss
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19 June 2014

The first undisguised pictures of the new Vauxhall Corsa have appeared online ahead of its expected debut at the Paris motor show in October.

Taken during an official photoshoot for the car, pictures of this five-door model have been published on and since circulated online. The new Corsa is likely to go on sale before the end of this year, with order books opening following its Paris debut.

Based on a heavily revised version of the current car's platform, the new Corsa takes on similar looks to the current Vauxhall Adam, including that car's more prominent front grille and larger company logo. A new lower air intake can also be seen at the front alongside revised headlight clusters and an overall softer shape than the current car. At the rear, a smaller screen sits alongside a new boot aperture and newly designed tail-light clusters. 

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Vauxhall is expected to considerably lift the interior of the current car to make it more premium. That means a leap both in terms of fit and finish but also in terms of the materials used and the technology on offer. A larger central infotainment screen than offered on today's car is likely.

Engines powering the new model are set to include a range of turbocharged petrol options between 1.0 and 1.4-litres in capacity. They'll sit alongside a frugal 1.6-litre diesel.

The firm's design director Mark Adams has already spoken about the importance of the new Corsa. He says the model will make Vauxhall competitive again, and will take the car to "a different level". In an interview late last year Adams said: "In the UK the Corsa has been consistently first or second on the sales lists, we're confident the new car will take it to the next level." He also noted the new car would have better perceived quality, as well as a sophisticated feel.

The Corsa will become the first of two major new product launches for Vauxhall in the coming months. We've recently spotted plenty of new Astra prototypes testing, with that model due to reach showrooms before the end of next year.

Rumours also continue to circulate regarding Vaxhall's new budget model, which is based on the next-generation Chevrolet Spark and will aim to take on the Dacia Sandero when it goes on sale as early as next year. Sources suggest that model could be priced from as little as £6000, and could be the first in a trio of new models smaller than the Corsa.

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19 June 2014
If someone gave me this car for free, I would sell it and get something else.

If someone offered me this car for free and told me I had to drive it, I would reject it.

Horrible, horrible, bean counted to death, hope sapping little box of horror.

19 June 2014
Why demean yourself by posting such a pile of road apples about the upcoming Corsa?

19 June 2014
Corsas really are cars for people that don't care about driving

19 June 2014
What is the next level from being 1st in the sales charts?

19 June 2014
It really does look like it's only a facelift of the current ugly car. I've been given a couple of Corsa's as courtesy vehicles, and they're terrible. Weak, loud engines. Suspension which manages to be uncomfortable and unable to prevent body roll. An interior which makes Fisher Price look good quality. Considering the competition (don't forget a new Fiesta is due anytime soon), this needs to be hugely improved, which I can't see happening. Definitely not from the styling anyway...

19 June 2014
See the usual anti-vauxhall posters are going strong, and that's before the car is actually on stream so to speak.

Not different enough for my liking although the engines sound like they're be totally new.

In the UK at least it'll still outsell the Seat xxx, polo, etc Fiesta will still be king.

19 June 2014
i'm far from anti vauxhall, infact i do like them a lot, this however looks dull and boring, too much like the current car and dare i say looks worse at the nose. ok its probably the worst colour possible and the 5 door bodystyle does it no favours, i'm sure ford wont be worried which is a shame.

19 June 2014

19 June 2014
Although it's clear this employs the current styling cues introduced by the Astra, this new Corsa looks more like a mini-MPV while, like the current model, it's huge expanse of metalwork above them front wheelarch makes the wheels look tiny, and the whole effect looks clumsy, which seems to be the Vauxhall/Opel way. Compared to Ford, very few of Vauxhall's offerings look better and this new Corsa is out-styled by the Fiesta, and almost every other rival.

19 June 2014
I generally like Vauxhalls' (but would never buy another), but this looks like a cheap shortcut. Mildly modifying the existing car means Vauxhall will be continuing with a poorly updated 8 year old design and it shows. This is such a shame, as they had the opportunity to make some lost ground on the Ford Fiesta with a completely new design that fits or even moves on their current/new design language and improve their interior designs and space. I'm sure it will still sell though as there is clearly a market it, it just doesn't include me.


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