Currently reading: JLR to offer world-first laser HUD tech on Range Rover Evoque
Baby Range Rover SUV first to get clearer, brighter head-up display tech - will be shown in Paris but can be ordered now
Darren Moss
2 mins read
19 September 2014

Jaguar Land Rover is pioneering the use of laser head-up display units by offering them as options on the Range Rover Evoque.

Available to order now as a £1000 option, the technology - a world first - was shown to media earlier this summer, and could allow for a vast range of secondary driving information to be projected onto the windscreen of a car in the future. 

While the units on offer in the Evoque will only be used to display information such as road speed, gear position, navigation and traffic data, cruise control status and system warnings for the moment, more applications could follow should the technology prove a hit.

JLR's initial 'virtual windscreen' concepts - where the entire windscreen space is used to display projected information - showed a car on track timing itself against a 'ghost' car projected onto the windscreen. Such uses are likely to be a long way off, though.

The laser HUD system is claimed to be vastly superior to rival units, as laser holographic projection allows for a clearer, brighter image to be displayed in front of the driver.

JLR will show the system on its new SW1 Range Rover Evoque models at the Paris motor show. The special edition will open for orders mid-October and is destined for Asian markets, but not the UK. It features new 20-inch alloy wheels, Union flag graphics and leather trim inside with contrasting stitching.

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Motormouths 20 September 2014

£1,000 to make you feel like

£1,000 to make you feel like you're trapped in a '90s videogame? No thanks.
topsecret456987 20 September 2014

Make the HUD darken the

Make the HUD darken the windscreen as the vehicle gets closer to the car in front until its impossible to see through please.

Call it an anti-tailgating app?

Smilerforce 20 September 2014


Another example which shows that JLR pays Roadster by the comment. The field of marketing and advertising, probably only equalled or surpassed by the likes of the local Brummy Mcpizza king. And this example is yet another case of something from JLR which leaves Audi, BMW and Mercedes in tears of laughter with such old hat and lame methods of communicating with the motoring public.
Roadster 19 September 2014

JLR leading the field yet again

Another example which shows that JLR leads the field in engineering and technology, probably only equalled or surpassed by the likes of McLaren. And this example is yet another case of something from JLR which leaves Audi, BMW and Mercedes floundering with old hat technology.

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