The Subaru Levorg has racked up 10,000 miles, so it's time to change the oil and filers and recieve a free health check
10 August 2016

The Subaru Levorg is piling on the miles quickly and the arrival of the 10,000th heralded its first service.

It is surprising that it needs one so soon, especially when some of its rivals will go double the distance between servicing. It is something worth considering.

If you are keen on the Levorg and plan to do lots of miles, expect routine visits to a dealership to become a familiar and relatively frequent fact of life.

A clean bill of health was needed for our car, then, so after a quick ring-around of the local dealers, the car was booked in with Seward Subaru in Havant. Unsurprisingly, the Levorg flew through its service and free health check.

It was returned fully valeted, too. Total cost: £170.75.

The friendly and efficient team at Seward Subaru also explained the benefits of the dealer’s free Gold Executive Club, which reduced the overall price of the service by almost £30.

Our Verdict

The Subaru Levorg GT 1.6i DIT Lineartronic

Subaru brings its much-loved all-paw estate concept up to date, but more dynamic and luxurious rivals from BMW, Skoda and Seat have moved the segment on even further

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There are other advantages, including a free car collection service, access to free courtesy cars and an automatic 20% discount on servicing and repairs and 30% on MOT tests, with another 10% being snipped off any parts used.

That’s a useful bonus, especially given that service stops look like being a frequent occurrence for the Levorg.

Roof bars

I think I need to plunder the Subaru accessories catalogue for some roof bars.

My girlfriend’s BMW 1 Series has coped admirably with our new 4.1-metre sea kayak, but I can’t help thinking that loading it would be a far easier prospect with the lower-slung Levorg estate — plus we wouldn’t have to share the front seats with a pair of paddles.

Subaru Levorg 1.6i DIT GT Lineartronic

Mileage 11,307 Price £27,495 Price as tested £27,995 Economy 31.0mpg Faults None Expenses Service £170.75

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10 August 2016
Then realised that without it, no one would know that it was a Subaru. Interesting that this car needs a service at just 10k miles, maybe Subaru prefer to do things the old fashioned way? Must admit I never know what's best with oil changes. Are we being conned by the oil industry into unnecessary oil changes to boost their profitability, or conned by most manufacturers into too infrequent changes to reduce fleet service costs (at the expense of the next owner)?

10 August 2016
Be careful when working out service schedules and costs. You'd think it great a new A3 needs one every 18,000 or 2 years, but they add an inspection to that as well, so, my father in law got charged a whopping £320 for the cars first service. An example of thinking Audi long live service intervals save you money, not.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

10 August 2016
To be honest, I would trust Subaru more than Audi on servicing schedules, and be more confident that the engine would still be running fine past 100k miles.

10 August 2016
they still havent managed to replicate the almost perfect 4th generation (03-09)Legacy Sports Tourer.

10 August 2016
Or is it just the colour not suiting the test car ? It's looking a bit slab sided and fussy from some angles. 12,000 mile service intervals are probably manageable for many owners doing avg miles or less per year. A lot better than the 6000 mile oil change interval on an impreza turbo from the late 90's early 2000's.

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