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The 'Ring takes delivery of a new rapid response vehicle

Nissan has released official pictures of an emergency response GT-R which is used at the Nurburgring.

The special edition Nissan GT-R has been designed to provide fast response to vehicles that that get into difficulty when lapping the famous circuit in Germany, which is more than 12 miles long.

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The GT-R will mainly be used for fire-fighting purposes, and it is equipped with a fire extinguishing system with water and foam on board attached to a hose pipe. This system is stored in the boot.

As a standard road car, Nissan claims the GT-R can lap the ‘Ring in 7 mins 26 secs and even with the extra 200kg of equipment on board, it can still lap the ‘Ring in less than eight minutes.

The fire-fighting conversion was carried out by M&M Automotive, a Bonn-based specialist for car development and motor sports. The GT-R’s two standard backseats were taken out and replaced with a 50-litre water tank, which was secured with a roll cage.

Nissan donated the car as a gift to the circuit for its help in developing the GT-R road car.

The only other differences between this GT-R and one straight from the factory is the additional radio communication system, the new Recaro sports seats and the roll bar. With a foam reach of around 18 metres and a 20-metre hose, the unit will be able to fight fire for around two minutes on one tank.

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