Currently reading: Vettel announced as Infiniti's Director of Performance
Sebastian Vettel is to extend his involvement in the development of future Infiniti models

Infiniti has announced that Sebastian Vettel is its new Director of Performance.

The announcement, made at the New York motor show today, sees the reigning F1 world champion extend his relationship with Infiniti.

Infiniti says that Vettel has been “central to the development of the Infiniti Q50 from its early stages”, providing with feedback on the vehicle’s chassis dynamics, performance and handling. He will become more involved in the development of future Infinitis.

Both he, and Red Bull Racing test driver, Sebastien Buemi, were involved in the early stages of Q50 development at the Nürburgring, and during pre-season F1 testing at the Spanish Circuit de Catalunya.

Infiniti boss, Johan de Nysschen said: "Sebastian's talent and ability behind the wheel is unquestionable and his role in developing Infiniti vehicles has already proven invaluable."

Vettel said: "I am really happy to extend my relationship with Infiniti and become their Director of Performance. Helping to develop the Infiniti Q50 was a very different type of driving duty for me but I approached it in exactly the same way as I do my Formula One car.

"I am looking forward to working closely with Infiniti in developing more of their road cars into the future."

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Smilerforce 28 March 2013

I love these non executive

I love these non executive director roles.  Years ago director in a job title meant something now its as common as project manager.   Still I'm looking forward to his involvement in infiniti's slip stream monitor.

pSynrg 28 March 2013


I do wish these drivers would wear civvies when conducting or reporting on this kind of work.

Or is there a risk that we don't know about that the Q50 could burst into flames?

Peter Cavellini 28 March 2013


Yep, just another revenue stream,with little work involved.

jamesf1 28 March 2013

Peter Cavellini wrote: Yep,

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Yep, just another revenue stream,with little work involved.

If true, then good for him

Peter Cavellini 1 April 2013



Yes, it might be true, where is he going to get the time to help develope a road car?,where in F1, in a top team with the top driver bringing in loads and loads of sponsors begging to get therre logo on the car, not to mention all the clothing deals, TV adverts promoting  some product he only heard about when he filmed it, of course the car deal gets him a fee for every car sold with his name linked to it, scrupples?........doesn't come into it, because if you or i were offered the chances?........we'd say?....where do i sign.