A natural gas VW Passat has been named Europe's greenest car in an FIA-backed test
6 January 2010

Europe’s most environmentally friendly vehicle is a Volkswagen Passat powered by natural gas, according to the FIA-backed Eco Test.

The Passat scored 92 points out of a maximum 100, a score only matched by the new Toyota Prius, which relies on expensive hybrid technology.

The Eco Test takes into account not just CO2 emissions but also harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

The Passat was powered by VW’s 1.4-litre TSI turbocharged petrol engine. Key to its success was the combination of a clean-burning petrol engine and low-pollution natural gas.

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6 January 2010

It's a very interesting result. Natural gas has had a big impact in many countries throughout Europe, but for some reason it's never taken off here in the U.K.

6 January 2010

indeed i remember a few manufacturers offering cng or lpg vehicles in their line up probably vauxhall being one of the biggest with the astra and vectra however they have disappeared surprised me really

6 January 2010

Some years ago Gordon Brown (as chancellor) brought it tax advantages for LPG and quite few petrol stations around me installed the big tanks.

A couple of years later he reversed the tax breaks and the whole thing fell apart. Ironically, gas power is what we need to reduce diesel- fired air pollution levels.

What could also be added to the story is that the Passat, unlike the Prius, doesn't contain large amounts of rare-earth metals and chemicals. Which makes it even more eco-friendly.

6 January 2010

[quote HiltonH]Some years ago Gordon Brown (as chancellor) brought it tax advantages for LPG and quite few petrol stations around me installed the big tanks.

A couple of years later he reversed the tax breaks and the whole thing fell apart.


is there no end to the Great Leader's talents, the people cried.

Luckily for Gordon Brown he is premier of mogadon/prozac United Kingdom. Poor old Ceausescu only wasted a couple of billion on his giant palace and got riddled with bullets. Brown handed the banksters one trillion pounds and the plebs get distracted with duck ponds. Sad as ****.

As for LPG, wake up. If this man-made Global Warming caused 'freak' weather continues UK will run out of gas, within a couple of weeks, full stop. UK is reliant on foreign energy compnies like E.ON and GdF, who will prioritise their home markets in a Europe-wide freeze. UK is also having to rely on Russian supplies of gas. Be kind to those Ruskies now, for you may become the next Ukraine - bankrupt, unable to pay Gazprom, freezing to death.

6 January 2010

[quote HiltonH]What could also be added to the story is that the Passat, unlike the Prius, doesn't contain large amounts of rare-earth metals[/quote]

How long will the Japs be able to build the Pious with its rare earth metals? The Japs and the Chinese don't exactly get on:


Britain and other Western countries risk running out of supplies of certain highly sought-after rare metals that are vital to a host of green technologies, amid growing evidence that China, which has a monopoly on global production, is set to choke off exports of valuable compounds.

The Pious and its kind will become more and more expensive, the preserve of government bureaucrats and moronic celebrities.

The exposing of the man-made GW scam, destroying the whole basis for CO2 based emission control, and the move by the Chinese to corner key raw materials is torpedoing the whole Hybrid/EV movement on political and economic grounds.

6 January 2010

I also watched this on the BBC a few months ago which indicated that the rare metals are only found in China and some time this decade they would only be producing enough for themselves with a single figure percentage left over for export to the rest of the world. On a wider point at what level do our basic raw materials run out is there enough for all 6 billion plus of us to have access to a car, fridge, TV etc?

6 January 2010

[quote BigEd]UK is also having to rely on Russian supplies of gas[/quote] While you are right in some of your statements very little of our gas actually comes from Russia; ~5%. The real reason there is concern about gas levels is because the UK has consistently neglected to invest in gas storage. Our major European neighbours hold anywhere between 28 and 42 days worth of gas usage in storage. We hold 7. Add to that your previously mentioned point about our privatised energy sector (which has also had the effect of raising prices as they do not have the same buying power as a nationalised industry) and you have a potential problem. Finally, I know you won't listen, but global climate change does not mean weather like the UK is experiencing won't happen. Quite the opposite actually, we are looking at warmer summers and colder winters with possibly greater precipitation, but more importantly the high/low temperatures and precipitation will happen in more "extreme" events. Therefore more floods, droughts etc. Also one winter of cold weather does not disprove any kind of climate change as you are claiming - for indeed it is just weather, not climate ;)

6 January 2010

theonlydt - Global Warming

= colder winters/hotter winters

= hotter summers/cooler summers

= wetter winters/drier winters

= droughts/flloods

= whatever we ******* say it is! comprende?

nice one 'dt', up is down, black is white, war is peace....

you Eric Blair aka George Orwell by any chance?

6 January 2010

[quote BigEd]theonlydt - Global Warming[/quote] Have I at any point referred to it as "Global Warming". You'll find I haven't, because global warming as a term is inaccurate. Global climate change takes in to account the changes that will happen, including areas of cooling, the increase in extreme weather events etc.


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