Currently reading: VW Golf Bluemotion adds £785
Green Golf comes at a £785 premium over standard car

Volkswagen's Golf Bluemotion will cost from £17,325.

That means the Golf, which is capable of 74.3mpg on average and which has emissions of 99g/km of CO2, is £785 more than the standard 106bhp 1.6 TDI Golf on which it is based.

However, Volkswagen says a driver covering 10,000 miles a year will save over £120 a year in fuel costs alone.

The VW Golf Bluemotion is powered by the standard Golf's 106bhp 1.6-litre common-rail diesel engine, but has stop-start, regenerative braking, longer gear ratios and low-friction tyres.

It also has a styling kit to help cut drag and improve aerodynamics. This includes sports bumpers, sideskirts, a bigger rear roof spoiler and 15-inch alloys.

Weight-saving measures have also been employed to boost efficiency, with the spare tyre replaced by a tyre repair kit.

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moe360 30 October 2009

Re: VW Golf Bluemotion adds £785

justi wrote:

What a mind bending thread - mundane-ish discussion of dull bluemotion tech (which should be standard fit and unobtrusive imho) on a dull golf, morphs into East Enders.

Baby, baby drove up in a Cadillac
I said, "Jesus Christ! Where'd you get that Cadillac?"
She said, "Balls to you, Daddy."
She ain't never coming back!

Have to say, if that is what she e-mails, its never going to end pretty

Always aim to make the fourms intresting, :) cant go wrong with a bit of drama can you

moe360 30 October 2009

Re: VW Golf Bluemotion adds £785

tannedbaldhead wrote:

sexybeast54 wrote:

if she's having to listen to Golf this and Golf that all day long no wonder she has such feelings

OOF! How to kick a man when he's down. Give the kid a break he's got his first new car and he's excited about it. My 1st brand new car was an Alfasud. I was an out and out Alfa bore and, in spite of the fact it went thought god knows how many alternators, a new coat of paint (the 1st one fell off, really it did) and 2 sets of shock absorbers (and those are just the faults I remember) I would bang on about it to anyone prepared to listen (or not listen, I wasn't fussy) and wouldn't hear I word against it. In fact when I think back to that little car I can only say Alfa Romeo make the best cars in the world.

L0L funny guy sexybeast :) its ok you can take a free shot on me and my Golf. But I have lots of time on my side :) so in 2 yrs time I will have a car that will rip past by you :).

Thanks TBH just seen your post, your support is most welcome. I guess some people dont understand whats it like to get your first decent brand new car when your 22 ! its always a exciting moment.

I am glad iam not the only one who did the same when they got threre first new car

tannedbaldhead 30 October 2009

Re: VW Golf Bluemotion adds £785

BriMarsh wrote:

If you're able to spend £17,325 on a car, are you bothered about saving £120 a year on fuel?

If you're a big mileage business driver doing 40k a year that saving goes up to £480 plus a big drop in road tax. It you're a fleet manager running 12 big mileage business drivers the fuel cost saving is £5760 per annum plus road tax savings that could amount to over £1000. These figures are based on todays fuel prices. Unfortunatly when the economy picks up demand for oil will drive up fuel prices to the levels that had us screaming in the not too distant past. At that time cars of this ilk will make even more financial sense.