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Volkswagen to expand its green, sporty BlueSport brand into production models

Volkswagen will use the BlueSport brand to introduce a range of green sporty cars, kicking off with a BlueSport version of the Scirocco, the firm’s R&D chief, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, has said.

The idea is to expand the concept of the Bluemotion brand by applying fuel-saving technology to the firm’s sportier models.

Consequently, a BlueSport Golf is also a possibility, to sit below the GTi in the range.

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After revealing record profits for 2008, VW will continue to develop greener technology, despite warning that its profits this year will fall dramatically as a result.

“The Volkswagen Group remains committed to the goals it has set for 2018. Innovative and environmentally friendly products will continue to be the key to the company’s future,” said VW Group chairman Martin Winterkorn.

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The BlueSport name first appeared on a VW roadster concept at this year’s Detroit motor show. It used a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel with 178bhp and 258lb ft from 1750rpm, although VW also said the BlueSport brand could include TSI petrol engines.

Production BlueSport cars would use stop-start technology and disconnecting alternators with energy generators, as well as aerodynamically enhanced bodywork to cut fuel consumption. However, it’s unlikely the Bluemotion’s low rolling resistance tyres would be used.

The business case for the VW BlueSport Roadster itself is currently under evaluation, but if it gets the go ahead the platform will be available for other brands to use. Seat is thought to be particularly keen to derive its own sports car from this hardware, but Audi is on record as not wanting the car.

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