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Chevrolet offers the most comprehensive warranty for an electric car's battery pack yet

The Chevrolet Volt’s battery pack will come with an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty, the company has confirmed.

Chevrolet claims this is the longest warranty ever offered on an electric car’s battery pack.

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The warranty, available to US customers when the Volt reaches showrooms later this year, will cover all 161 of the lithium-ion battery pack’s components.

General Motors’ executive director of global electric systems said the Volt’s battery pack has already “exceeded our performance targets and is ready to hit the road”.

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Micky Bly added he hoped the warranty would attract customers to the Volt’s range-extender hybrid technology and would “help reduce dependence on petroleum”.

Pre-production of the Volt started in January and the firm has now completed more than one million miles and four million hours of testing of it and its various components.

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The Volt will be sold in the UK from 2012, while Vauxhall’s own version of the Volt, the Ampera, is expected to launch in the same year.

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overboost 19 July 2010

Re: Volt gets eight-year warranty

For the Volt to have any chance of selling at the premium price in the nos that the Prius is, GM needs to void any worry over the batteries longevity. GM does not offer 8-year warranties and this covers the 1st and even some part of the 2nd owners so its resale value will not plummet due to battery lifetime worries. GM did alot of work in-house so they have nobody to blame but themselves plus they have been patient to get it right since taxdollars went into this via the GM bailout funds. Ford is waiting to see if GM can convince buyers before showing its own hand. Its the equivalent of the iPod for GM and not the iPhone4. GMs investment in this is HUGH. It has to sell

jelly7961 19 July 2010

Re: Volt gets eight-year warranty

Straight Six Man wrote:
Chevy are also going to bring the Holden Commodore to the US - I can't remember what it was going to be called, though. Initially it'll be police-only, but after they've used the police as test drivers (cheapskates!) it's strongly rumoured they'll let it loose on the general public.

I am pretty sure that the Commodore that they are bringing in is actually the Statesman/Caprice twins which are Merc S Class sized. We hire them when we go to Australia. They are not a bad drive. I have also seen them in Shanghai badged as a Buick Royaum (?)

theonlydt 19 July 2010

Re: Volt gets eight-year warranty

Straight Six Man wrote:
Haven't driven any, just spoken to the owner of what is very probably the only Suburban in Europe
Oh the Surburban is horrible. I don't include any "off-roaders, SUV etc" in my definition of trucks. I mean pick-ups by that. They're not bad, though reliability issues. If buying a mid-size truck the Ford F-150 is the way to go, better reliability than the Japanese models as well... I'm in Canada, Eastish.