Smart will use the Frankfurt motor show to reveal upgraded versions its all-electric city cars
1 August 2019

Smart is readying a facelift for its Fortwo and Forfour, and electric prototypes have been spotted testing ahead of the city cars' Frankfurt motor show debut.

The German maker is expected to be using the update, likely to go on sale towards the end of the year, to remove all of its petrol engine options and go electric-only. It follows on from an announcement last year that the brand would become “a fully electric urban mobility brand” under new leadership.

With combustion engine variants gone, Smart will be looking improve the current weaknesses of the EQ models - namely the uncompetitive electric range. Under the new WLTP system, the current models promise just 70 miles from their 22kWh battery, far below that of any of the latest crop of small electric cars.

Expect developments in battery technology, plus a larger capacity, to be able to take that up to or above 124 miles. Charging speeds should hopefully improve, too, as the current models are only able to charge at a rate of up to 7kW. It's not clear yet if the 82bhp electric motor will receive a power boost, however. 

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Smart Forfour Electric Drive

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Alongside this, expect revisions to the cars' exteriors to include new headlight and bumper designs. Expect upgrades to the infotainment and interior, too; the Forfour prototype's centre console is covered up, so features such as wireless smartphone charging could be coming. 

The facelifted Fortwo and Forfour will be the last Daimler-only Smarts before Geely, now a 50% stakeholder, takes over the engineering for the next generation. Mercedes-Benz will continue to design the cars' visuals, with all-new models expected in 2022. 

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1 August 2019
Come on, give us a new electric Roadster and Roadster-Coupe! Also, please make the next gen look like the Forvision concept...

1 August 2019

The Roadsters were such a missed opportunity ruined by a rubbishy gearbox and even worse build quality (water leaks galore getting into the electrics apparently).  Can't remember what the Forvision looked like but I wish the frontal styling of the FourTwo (and Four) would go back to the first two versions, with a smooth contour from grille to top of windscreen.  Apparently it was claimed that a stepped front was inevitable due to pedestrian safety regulations but I suspect that was a feeble excuse and could be got round with a bit of ingenuity!

1 August 2019

A quick look at the used classifeds for electric cars shows lots of the first models going for reasonable prices - but the pitifully short range rules them out for me.

Maybe the new models with extended range may follow suit in becoming reasonably price second hand buys....then I might be interested.

I agree with other people posting here regarding the coupe and roadster - it would be great to see a new (and better made) version of those cars, especially in electric form - my money would be waiting :-)


Everyone has a right to an opinion - don't confuse that with insulting your mother :-)

2 August 2019

I hope they have more range, cause it won't sell in the numbers they hope otherwise.

I have a roadster, just got it at the weekend, and I've had 3 previous. They are fantastic little cars, so much fun to be had in them. The gearbox is liveable with, once you've mastered how it works. They make great second cars, I'd never have one as a main one now, not at 15 years old.

I would love if they did a new one, particularly if they did it with the Brabus engine tuned up a little. If ford can get 153bhp from their 1.0, I'm sure Brabus could do the same. Electric is fine too, but too small for the batteries needed, so range would be poor

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