Currently reading: UK firm's Range Rover resto-mod gets ULEZ-compliant V8
Kingsley Cars' take on the pre-1981 Range Rover brings modern tech and optional sports suspension

Oxfordshire-based Range Rover specialist Kingsley Cars has created the 'ULEZ Reborn' as a sympathetically upgraded take on the original luxury SUV which complies with London's new emissions legislation.

Revealed on the same day the Ultra Low Emission Zone has been substantially expanded, the resto-mod takes advantage of the fact that classic cars more than 40 years old are exempt from the £12.50 daily charge for non-compliant vehicles, and as such is available with a choice of either 4.0-litre and 4.6-litre naturally aspirated V8s.

The uprated engines, producing 220bhp and 270bhp respectively, are capable of returning up to 25mpg, so Kingsley claims. 

They arrive alongside a raft of dynamic upgrades, interior refinements and added kit over standard – not to mention a comprehensive restoration process that completely renews the car, structurally and mechanically – a package costing from £125,000 including UK taxes. 

It is described by Kingsley as a "driver-focused, technology-oriented facelift" which opens up classic Range Rover ownership to enthusiasts who live in London's ULEZ, or indeed a similar clean air zone elsewhere. 

Each car is stripped to bare metal to allow for any necessary structural repairs to be carried out and a rubberised protective coating applied, before being built back up according to the owner's desired specification. 

In addition to a raft of modern-spec enhancements including a standard-fit ZF automatic gearbox, touchscreen infotainment, heated seats, electric windows and upgraded sound deadening, Kingsley can fit parking sensors, a reversing camera, LED headlights and headrest-mounted iPads for the rear passengers. 

The firm's own 'Fast Road' suspension upgrade with uprated anti-roll bars is also available, as are uprated brakes and lightweight forged aluminium wheels. 

Kingsley has started taking orders for cars to be delivered in around six to eight months. 


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bol 26 October 2021

Built to confirm that the old hedgehog joke still applies 40 years on. 

HiPo 289 25 October 2021

More madness in the fossilised fuel Land-Rover market.  There is a reason why so many old Defenders, Series Land-Rovers and Range Rovers are being converted to electric.  It's because that is the only sensible way to make them affordable to run, reliable and future-proof.  Any other type of conversion makes no sense now.

289 25 October 2021

@ HiPo289

What a load of rubbish HiPo.

I have never seen an EV classic LR product....not once. So maybe just a few nutters converting them?

Jeremy 25 October 2021

It's disingenuous for the headline to call this car 'ULEZ-Compliant'. It is ULEZ-exempt, like any car over 40 years old. The headline suggests that Kingsley have somehow re-engineered the V8 to produce a level of emissions that complies with ULEZ rules. When you read the article it becomes clear that they have not. 

289 25 October 2021

either way Jeremy, the engine is ULEZ compliant (as per the headline) regardless of the age of the vehicle.