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Hybrid hatchback gets a makeover to celebrate 10 years of sales in the UK

Toyota’s Prius has been given a special-edition model to celebrate 10 years of sales of the hybrid hatchback in the UK.

The Toyota Prius 10th Anniversary special edition will be limited to just 1000 units and is based on the top-spec T-Spirit trim level.

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Each unit sports a body kit including front, rear and side skirts, 17-inch alloys, rear privacy glass and embossed black leather upholstery incorporating the car’s 10th Anniversary logo. Buyers can choose one of two colours: White Pearl or Astral black.

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Despite the styling changes, the car’s CO2 emission and economy figures still stand at 70.6mpg and 92g/km respectively.

The changes result in a price tag of £26,150; the first deliveries are expected later this year and it is available to order now.

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Andryaa 15 August 2013

One of the creation's most

One of the creation's most common tender autos, the Toyota Prius, volition extol its 15th birthday this month, Toyota has announced.The Toyota Prius teen birthday party ideas introductory wallop the Japanese exchange in 1997, ere entity released to a wider international sell in 2000. Nevertheless it was nay until 2001 that the Prius made its style to Australia.

mantaray 27 October 2010

Re: Toyota's 'sporty' new Prius

Uncle Mellow wrote:

In what way is this "sporty" ?

Does it have up-rated suspension ? Wilder camshafts ? Close-ratio gears ? Lightened flywheel ? Lightweight bodywork ?

Probably has more turns on the electric motor, like RC cars do, lol

I do like Autocar's mention of it still getting 70 mpg.....How many times has this been disproved? And even if it is true, a decent small diesel will better it!

MrTrilby 27 October 2010

Re: Toyota's 'sporty' new Prius

Maxycat wrote:
Whereas Beachland2 hated diesels Mr Trilby hates anything that is not electric or electric with petrol.

What utter rubbish. If I hate anything, it's all the lies, myths and misinformation that is spread by the uninformed in these forums.

The Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, Honda Accord, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Golf and Passat all have models that cost the same as or more than an entry level C Class. Yet because it's the Prius, the usual suspects start foaming at the mouth and protesting shock at the idea that a car might cost more.

fhp11 wrote:
I would happily pay triple company car running costs to run a C class over a Prius.

So easy to claim that when you don't have to put your money where your mouth is. We actually did, with the choice of anything up to an entry level 3 Series, we picked a Prius. Unlike many of the forum posters who seem in awe of anything with a premium badge, we're completely aware that entry level premium cars aren't especially special or pleasant places to be. Whilst you may have a surplus of cash to throw away, we aren't interested in spending an extra £5000 over three years just to get a lower spec manual diesel. You can buy a lot of far more interesting things with £5k.

And for what it's worth, if it's my own money: I'm with Beachland2. I'm selling our "premium" diesel car to get something that doesn't need a £1300 DPF "service" and doesn't have the worry about expensive turbo or injector failures. At 90k miles our last Prius felt like it would go on forever. Can't say the same about my "premium" BMW...