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Toyota boss Akio Toyoda wants to give his cars more emotional appeal

All new Toyotas will get a new grille and ‘family face’, as part of company boss Akio Toyoda’s aim to give the cars more emotional appeal.

Although the new front-end look is still being finalised, Toyota Europe boss Didier Leroy says it will be more consistent and recognisable than that of the current line-up.

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Smaller cars will be made to look more like the bigger ones, rather than vice versa.

However, there will still be variations between ranges to distinguish them, with product groups such as SUVs and sports models getting their own look.

The FT-86 coupe concept, unveiled at the Geneva motorshow, showed a possible new front-end look for Toyota.

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Handsome Guy 31 July 2010

Re: Toyota styling to be overhauled

Los Angeles wrote:
when they try to imitate western ideas of style they get it wrong. Look at the way they depict western faces in their cartoons - that's how the see us.

Anime is one of the most successful forms of modern animation and Manga is the most popular style of comic book. So, they don't "get it wrong" in cartooning. But, I accept your point when it comes to cars, when they try to appeal to Westerners, their efforts aren't exactly great viewing, bar the 370/350Z.

As for depiction of Westerners in Japanese cartooning, just look at how the Japanese portray Asians, by also applying exaggerated features, huge eyes and mouths. Imagination is intrinsic to cartoons. Look at Mickey Mouse. Is this how Westerners see mice? Walking on his hind legs and talking? No, it's imaginary. I'm not attacking you here, just my view, but I don't think your analogy is valid, however, I agree with your point about Japanese car styling mimicking Western/European aesthetics.

I think the GT-R R35 is the best representative of Japanese style in the automotive world. In my opinion, it is interesting, challenging and purposeful. Of course, this was the Japanese being Japanese and not the Japanese appealing to Westerners.

kcrally 31 July 2010

Re: Toyota styling to be overhauled

how many stylish fords / vauxhalls do you know ? in truth most car companies have been making euro-boxes since the beginning of the 90's

phildub 31 July 2010

Re: Toyota styling to be overhauled

Lets not forget other companies that have corporate "faces" do well indeed, Alfa romeo, audi, bmw, ford, etc instead of this toyota should start with lexus, they have the halo LFA supercar they a decent enough image in the uk and can level with the likes of bmw, get the styling right, ie a bit more excitement and more bespoke cabins. If this pays off let it trickle down to the rest of the range inc toyota