Currently reading: Toyota re-releases the iconic Land Cruiser 70 series in Japan
Classic Land Cruiser 70 returns to the Japanese market, after a ten-year absence, in commemoration of its 30th anniversary

Toyota has celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Land Cruiser 70 series in Japan by re-releasing an updated version of the original.

Originally launched in 1984, the Land Cruiser 70 quickly proved popular thanks to its heavy-duty construction and sheer longevity.

Sales in Japan drew to a close in 2004 but, due to continued requests to return it to the market, Toyota has brought back the Land Cruiser 70 in Japan for around a year.

For the first time in Japan a double-cab pickup variant will be offered, alongside the conventional four-door 'van' version. Many classic features are retained, such as the ladder-frame chassis, but both the interior and exterior have been lightly modernised.

Under the Land Cruiser's bonnet is a 4.0-litre '1GR-FE' V6, found in the current generation of Land Cruiser. It produces 228bhp and 266lb ft, and is claimed to average 13mpg.

Power is transmitted to the wheels via a five-speed manual transmission and primarily to the rear wheels, although a part-time four-wheel-drive system allows for additional traction on looser surfaces. An optional limited-slip differential is also available.

The manufacturer expects around 200 orders a month for the planned year of sales. Prices for the 'new' Land Cruiser start at 3.6m yen, equivalent to approximately £21k.

Toyota has also revealed two special-edition versions of the current generation of Land Cruiser, which will be offered in Japan.

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JOHN T SHEA 8 September 2014


13 MPG! 1984 indeed! The nostalgia will be overwhelming as buyers watch the fuel needle and their bank balances plummet.
RCT V 6 September 2014

A lesson here that someone could emulate

There is a lesson here - an example - that someone with a certain “foresight” could - should - emulate, adopt and adapt the principle to (re-)introduce revered vehicles . . .
geed 6 September 2014

RCT V wrote:There is a lesson

RCT V wrote:

There is a lesson here - an example - that someone with a certain “foresight” could - should - emulate, adopt and adapt the principle to (re-)introduce revered vehicles . . .

They are making too much money out of handbags on wheels at the moment (Evoque et al).

It appears everyone bar the powers that be at Landrover know what a gem they have in the Defender. Vehicles such as these are gold, Nissan know it with the Patrol (this vehicle is especially highly revered in the more affluent Middle East regions), Toyota know it with the Landcruiser and Mercedes know it with the G wagon. Landrover is far more about Range Rover now, but Range Rover would be nothing without the real Landrover Series and Defender models.

I mean what was that DC100 nonsense all about??? The Defender should have come standard with the 3.2 L I5 puma engine (found in the Ford Ranger) but all they did was put a Mondeo 2.2L engine in it. This has been the problem with Defenders over the decades, where the Patrol and Landcruiser had large torque laden unstressed 6 cylinder engines, the series Landrovers came with a paltry 2.25L 4 banger. The 3.5L V8's in the 110 were underpowered and unreliable. The 2.5 TDi engines although adequate in the UK were never a match for the circa 4.0L 6 cyl diesel engines found in the Japanese vehicles. The Landrovers (Defender. Series) always seemed shortchanged and there appears no doubt to me that this is also the case with the Defender moving forward. Just look at the thriving after market scene with Icon and Twisted products offering luxury interiors and high power upgrades, the market is there even in the UK. A 5.0L petrol V8 engined Defender with Leather would sell like hotcakes in the Middle east, I would think the US would also welcome such a model as vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler are stil popular and pleasure offroading is huge in this country. And a 3.0L V6 diesel out of the Range rover would be a peach in a Defender. Jaguar Landrover have the powertrains but it appears they just do not get it.

A new refreshed defender based on the current vehicle is what the world needs.

I'll program manage it for you Landrover just give me a call!

**In fact just checked Jeeps UK website and the diesel offered is a 2.8L 4 with 200hp and 460nm, the Defender offers a 2.2 that puts out a poxy 122hp (barely more than my 95MY Defender 300 TDi for gawds sake) and a comparatively poor 360Nm of torque. A Nissan Navara puts put 190 hp and 450nm (a whopping 230 hp ad 550 Nm if the V6 Diesel is spec'd). Why would anybody buy this vehicle other than sentimentality??? I could tow more with 2.0L Diesel Focus hatchback!

aswiz 5 September 2014


The vehicles shown in the pictures have been on sale in Australia for years, so its not a new vehicle, I think its around 5 years old in this guise. I guess they are making a few available in Japan.

Why cant Land Rover update the Defender in a similar way?