The pick of the cars from Tokyo's top tuning show
18 January 2010

These are reporter Peter Nunn's pick of the Tokyo Auto Salon cars.

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Tokyo Auto Salon - star car pictures

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Tokyo Auto Salon star cars

Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept

Toyota revs up the looks of the ‘Toyobaru’ with new vents and body creases, matt black bonnet, meaner front-end styling and D1 drift-style boot spoiler. Shows how well the rear-drive FT-86 responds to the aftermarket treatment. Note also the new front intercooler feeding air to the 2.0-litre Subaru turbo Boxer four…

Toyota Prius G Sports Concept

Courageous steamliner version of the Prius with ‘Mooncraft Yura Style’ body kit, complete with new nose, rear wheel spats and aero underbody. Car has a red/black themed interior, lowered sports suspension, 18-inch wheels but standard 1.8-litre hybrid.

Lexus IS F CCS Concept

CCS (Circuit Club Sport Concept) is a cool trackday IS F special and officially a “study” model, but Lexus would like to build it. Gets a mass of lightweight carbon-fibre bits (bonnet, roof, boot, wings and sills) to save 50 kgs and titanium exhaust to lift power to 429bhp.

GRMN Sports Hybrid concept

The MR2 is back, this time with new body kit and 3.3-litre V6 twin-motor 4WD hybrid from the first US market Highlander SUV on board. Purely a concept but shows that Toyota’s still thinking about a future small hybrid sports car. Delivers 4.0-litre level performance, Toyota says, but weighs 1300 kgs.

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GRMN FR Hot hatch concept

We’ve had Aygo Crazy. Now how about this 2-box Aygo, converted to rear-drive and with 1.5-litre power under the bonnet? Toyota’s idea, to introduce the fun of rear-drive to young Japanese. Car suggests that a small, rear-drive funster in this class might just be in Toyota’s future…

Honda Insight Modulo Concept

Honda’s pleased with the Insight but there’s always room for a more aggressive bodykitted version. Cue this Insight Sports Modulo Concept. Besides the muscled up looks, a lot of work went into aerodynamics (front/rear lift) and tuning the suspension. The Insight’s 1.3 hybrid however stays untouched.

Subaru Impreza R205

Scooby’s latest and hottest Rex for Japan made its show debut at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon. Building on last year’s WRX STI spec C, this Impreza R205 is another limited edition special (400-off) with STI tuned suspension and wheels, plus unique tune twin scroll 2.0-litre turbo engine (316bhp) and body parts.

RE-Amemiya Westfield

Stunning is one way to describe this rotary-engined Westfield, put together by longtime rotary customiser in Japan, RE-Amemiya. It has Mazda’s 13B twin rotor engine but the samurai paint work and finish are just something else, are they not? A real Japanese specialty.

Aki 2000 GT Roadster

Toyota only ever made a 2000 GT convertible for You Only Live Twice, but now you can one of your own, if you have some £33K to spare. Underneath, this is a Mk 1 Mazda MX-5 although you’d never know it. As these things go, the conversion is not too bad and from 20 yards back, looks almost real.

NATS Subaru Forester

Welcome to my nightmare…..the creatives at NATS can be trusted to turn up something new and extraordinary each year at the salon. For 2010, once again, they haven’t let us down. Can you begin to describe how this heavily worked over Subaru Forester looks?

Peter Nunn

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18 January 2010

Love the rotary engined westfield , and the mock-Toyota 2000GT roadster. I saw a 2000GT coupe once - Twiggys' manager had one , and I presume it was his that I saw since I believe he lived in north London.

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