Currently reading: Tesla building car carrier trailers amid “delivery logistics hell”
Tesla’s “production hell” has turned into “delivery logistics hell” as the brand gets on top of building cars but struggles do deliver them

Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced that the company has built its own car transporter trailers amid its difficulty in delivering the Model 3. 

Musk previously tweeted that the brand is in “delivery logistics hell” amid complaints of delayed deliveries from customers awaiting their Model 3s, and took to the social media site again to explain that the company was "running into an extreme shortage of car carrier trailers".



To quell the problem as the end of the third quarter approaches, the company is upgrading its logistics system, including the construction of its own carrier trailers. 

The Tesla CEO has also in the past tweeted that the company was in “production hell” when it encountered bottlenecks in the production process of the Model 3, although these problems have been quelled, with Tesla reporting targets for Model 3 production being hit. 



Musk previously alerted customers on Twitter to the risk of delayed deliveries with the increased volumes requiring delivery in the US; he seemed to upgrade this to “delivery logistics hell” when responding to a customer’s concerns. 

Unlike the production problems, however, Musk claims that the delivery issues “should be solved shortly”, and that the company is “making rapid progress” in overcoming the problem, but hasn’t put this latter claim into numbers.



The brand delivered 18,449 Model 3s during the second quarter of the year, up from 8182 across the first three months of 2018. A target of 5000 cars per week was reached at the end of the second quarter, with a temporary production line in place and increased pressure on the Fremont factory workers. 


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Musk also decided to streamline the production process recently with tweaks to the paint availability of the Model 3, with black and silver now only available at a premium, to push customers towards a narrower selection of paint shades. Responding to a customer query, Musk clarified that this would not affect availability in the brand’s repair centres.


UK deliveries are unlikely to be affected by the delays, however - production of the right-hand-drive Model 3 isn’t due to begin until 2019, with UK deliveries commencing some time after this. 

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4foxtrot 26 September 2018

Existential Threat :-)

Of course Autocar IS biased against Tesla ... they are an existential threat so expect - sneers, slurs, negative reporting, slow in reporting any good news (like how tesla Model 3 now 'owns' the US car market)..... simples:

  • Tesla Don't advertise (and not in Autocar)
  • Companies threatened by Tesla DO advertise, and have long chummy relationships with jounrno's, who expect to be brown nosed, just like how UK ‘gutter press’ works.
  • Doesn't help that Tesla are not British ;-)  
  • Other forces are active to try and keep the oil, diesel, and internal combustion  'status Quo', along with shorters, car companies, big oil and even big oil states ... a lot of people have a lot to loose once EV’s take over, and tesla are leading this.
  • Autocar people cannot imagine a quiet world without 'glorious'  'Brum-Brum' noises, and assume its reader’s are the same....
  • Most disruptive activities get this kind of luke warm/negative/ sneery ‘old guard’ reaction  even when the change if for the good .. as Gandhi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you (the stage Tesla / musk are in ) ..... then you win.


Peter Cavellini 25 September 2018

Just @ question...

 Is there a lap time for a Tesla round the Nürburgring....?

Peter Cavellini 25 September 2018


 That’s what your looking at for decent spec, for that you’ll get AWD upgraded infotainment and more autonomous goodies, will give Mercedes and BMW a run for there a straight line, on the twisty bits...? nope!