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We get up close to what will be Europe's cheapest car in our exclusive studio shoot

Autocar’s Steve Cropley was given a sneak preview of the Tata Nano Europa this week when it came into our London studio.

The European version of the world’s cheapest car was first seen at the Geneva motor show earlier this year and it has been eagerly anticipated ahead of its expected release date of 2011.

See our exclusive Tata Nano Europa studio pics

The Nano was launched in India earlier this year and retails for less than £2000, but due to the increased cost of making it ‘Europeanised’ (more creature comforts, improved crash test safety) it is likely to cost from £4000 - £5000 in the UK.

It will be powered by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, which will produce around 60bhp. The Europa will get a five-speed manual ‘box (the Indian version is four-speed) to allow for longer gearing, improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

It features an all-steel body, with an overall length of 3300mm. This makes it around eight inches longer than the original Mini, but far shorter than any contemporary European supermini. The show car rides on 14-inch alloys.

Under the skin, all-independent rear suspension features, while Europa models will get ABS, traction control, electric power steering and twin airbags.

Boot access has yet to be decided – Indian Nanos are strictly four-door, but a full-size hatchback is till possible.

And what does Cropley make of the Europa? “There’s one certainty: it will change the way car prices are viewed when it hits British showrooms – for substantially less than a Hyundai i10 and around half the price of a Smart.”

The full story can be read in this week's Autocar magazine, which is on sale now.

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catnip 13 December 2009

Re: Tata Nano Europa: full details

I'm glad theyve remembered to fit front fog lights to the Nano Europa as that means it will be 'sporty'.

HyundaiSmoke 13 December 2009

Re: Tata Nano Europa: full details

Plus, people dont buy Hyundai/KIA for a big engine neccessariliy. Sonatas and Tuscons (the volume units that pay the bills here and sell close to 20,000 units a month combined) for example sell about 86% 4 cylinders. Thats why the V6 in both products is being scrapped. The Rio fuel economy will be trumped by the Fiesta for just 3 months, as the Fiesta will start selling in the US Q3-2010 for 3 months, before the Current Gen Rio gets replaced in Q4-2010.

However, everybody even GM will have Fiesta trumping fuel eocnomy products by Q4 2010. The Chevy Aveo (Viva) replacement for example will have the same power as a Fiesta with 47 MPG, while the Fiesta has only 40 MPG. There are a lot of people who dont want Ford to bing their Ecoboost that can give a Fiesta 48 MPG with the same power as a standard Fiesta, but I think in face of the other competitors Ford will be forced to. They are trying to looby for the 130 HP Ecoboost, but even with that Ford still cant win as a lot of other Makes will have more power standard as well.

MPG here is fastly becoming the new Horsepower.

figo87 12 December 2009

Re: Tata Nano Europa: full details

lol,you need to relaxx, i mean seriously.of course ur not my buddy,ur a stupid ignorent dickhead who still thinks england still has a right on ex-colonies.say wat you will but you cant ignore the fact that tata still employ 45000 BRITS. by the way im an aussie. and i sure am waiting for your convict crap,p-o.