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The Luxgen5 will come with a choice of 2.0l or 1.8l turbocharged engines

Taiwanese car manufacturer Luxgen says its first premium saloon, the Luxgen5, will be angled towards European buyers. The Luxgen5, which will be unveiled in April 2012, will be come with the choice of two turbocharged engines.

An all-new 2.0-litre unit will produce 170bhp and 188lb ft when coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission manufactured by the Japanese company AISIN. The car will cover 0-62mph in 8.48sec and has a top speed of 130mph. The second engine offering is a 1.8-litre that comes with a five-speed automatic gearbox and produces 150bhp and 170lb ft.

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Luxgen worked with smartphone manufacturer HTC to develop the driver aids and multimedia systems on the Luxgen5. The car can be linked to smartphones using the Android operating system. The Think+ multimedia interface allows full mobile phone functionality to be controlled directly through a 9in smart touch screen on the central console.

The Luxgen5 also gets head-up display, lane departure warning system, blind-spot assist, satnav and Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed with global sales in mind, the Luxgen5’s chassis has had input from US engineering company, Altair. Athough Luxgen hasn’t confirmed whether the car will definitely go on sale to Britain, the fact that the car has undergone testing on a mixture of European and UK roads, including suspension configuration sessions at MIRA, suggests it is designed with this purpose in mind.

The Luxgen5 will make its public debut at the Taipei auto show next April.

Philip Shoulder

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