Currently reading: Suzuki readies SX4-FCV
Suzuki will begin testing its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that's based on the SX4 SUV

Suzuki has received approval to begin testing its latest compact fuel cell vehicle on the public roads. The Japanese government gave the go-ahead for the SX4-FCV, a fuel cell powered car that is based on the SX4 small SUV. It uses a GM-made high-performance fuel cell and a Suzuki-developed 70MPa hydrogen tank.The SX4-FCV also features a compact capacitor that recovers energy during braking and then charges the fuel cell during acceleration.Suzuki insists the SX4-FCV offers superior performance to its three previous fuel cell mini vehicles, which were all based on the MR Wagon. The Japanese manufacturer hopes the current testing will prove another important step towards making fuel cells commercially viable.

Nick Cackett

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