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Motorsport boss confirms F1 split down to McLaren's road car ambitions

Mercedes F1 boss Norbert Haug has confirmed the company split from McLaren because of its desire to build the MP4-12C supercar.

Mercedes set up its own F1 team after buying the championship-winning Brawn squad last winter, and is gradually selling back its shareholding in McLaren. It will, however, supply F1 engines to McLaren until at least 2015.

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The McLaren MP4-12C supercar is set to go on sale next year, and Haug says this was the reason behind the split.

"McLaren wanted to go in their own direction with their street sports car," he said. "At Mercedes we have been doing it for many years. It (McLaren's) was not our way and we found an amicable solution.

"We continue to supply them with engines but we have created our own team. We are grateful about our many joint successes. Only Ferrari was more successful than us."

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AV 30 March 2010

Re: Supercar 'split Merc and McLaren'

Good. McLaren is about engineering purity, Mercedes are purveyors of puffed up piffle. Go on Ron, talk to Mr Honda again. You're made for each other.

Peter Cavellini 30 March 2010

Re: Supercar 'split Merc and McLaren'

More a bit of tuetonic arrogance maybe to think that buying a winning team in F1 is going to do wonders for their sales figures and just because they tempted Michael Schumacher out of retirement(which hasn't worked so far) also doesn't help their image, and remember last years car IS last years car and everybody's caught up, so it's a big gamble for Mercedes, and anyway most car makers source their engines now not many make their own(Ferrari), personally i think McLaren helped Mercedes rather than the other way.

rosstopher 30 March 2010

Re: Supercar 'split Merc and McLaren'

Not exactly news though is it?