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Supasse V launched at Tokyo motor show

There are no plans for the Supasse V mini-supercar to come to the UK, according to Suzusho, the Japanese tuning company who will be making 100 of them over the next four years.

British buyers will be missing out on some serious performance from the 850kg two-seater, which is powered by a retuned version of the 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder from the Mazda 3 MPS.

See the hi-res Supasse V pics

Retuned for use in the Supasse, it produces 263bhp at 5500rpm, up 7bhp over the MPS, driving the rear wheels through the MPS’s 6-speed gearbox. It sits on an aluminium chassis, with double wishbone suspension all-round.

The styling is the work of Japanese F1 engineer and race car designer Kenji Mimura. The bad news, however, is the price. It’s set to cost the equivalent of just under £200,000.

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Peter Cavellini 16 October 2009

Re: Two-seat mini supercar unveiled

What a fantastic looking car!, oops!, i just read the price,£187,000 pounds!, thats rediculous!, it's not even got a bespoke engine in it, even if it weighed 750kg,it's still not fast enough for the price!

Their only going to make a hundred over four years, that sounds like if it's a flop we won't lose our shirts!, it's obviously a rich mans plaything, it's ashame because up until i saw the price i thought, hello, this is different, what a great looking car, this'll sell well, but, the price, the price, sorry boys, i think you've shot yourselfs in the foot, could've sold well at a lower price,haven't you heard,Lee Noble, yes that's right Lee Noble is going to make a car for sale at £100,000 pounds, with a 600bhp+ V-8 !, need i say more.