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Limited edition, with only 150 units available, costs £33,995 and marks the end of the model

Subaru has launched the WRX STI Final Edition - a limited-run special to celebrate the end of the brand’s legendary motorsport-honed flagship model. 

The car has been uprated mechanically with larger brakes housed behind 19in wheels and a multi-mode driver’s control centre differential to help with cornering agility. 

Subaru says the WRX STI will not be produced any more as the brand’s performance pinnacle and it will instead use the car as inspiration for future models. 

Despite this, Subaru produced a striking concept for the Tokyo motor show that appeared to foreshadow a next-generation performance car akin to the WRX STI. The Viziv Performance concept, if it reaches production, will go on sale under a new name following the announced death of the WRX STI. 

Marking out the Final Edition WRX STI on the outside are a redesigned front bumper and a Final Edition badge. The brake calipers are painted yellow. The interior has also been upgraded, with gloss black trim and red highlights. The infotainment screen has grown to 5.9in and the instruments are revised. 

The special-edition car costs £33,995, which is £2000 more than the standard WRX STI. Orders are being taken now.

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5wheels 20 November 2017

days of yor

I dont know how many of you remember and I am sure even less saw Ricky Burns taking the Scoobie to the world championship. We became mates until his untimely health issues led to an early death. He was kind generous and always willing to talk rally. Lent him pace notes for Acropolis (which he won) and he waited for my arrival at the finish to say thank you. I was 36 places adrift but I only had group N front wheel drive Toyota but at least I finished. 132 starters 39 finishers!!! Monster rally sadly lost on the calender for too long. Ricky let me drive the scoobie during a practice the following year. Awesome !!!! and I was only 5 seconds off his pace. PROUD isnt the half of it

Symanski 3 November 2017

Bigger stoppers as they stop production.

Isn't ironic that as they're stopping production the only performance upgrades are bigger brakes?


Subaru UK were the problem in this country.   Claimed that you couldn't get a saloon edition, in WR Blue with a big wing.   Except that every other country's official retail page had that combination as their main draw!


My 03 WRX was superb.   Upgraded with the performance pack the engine was strong and reliable for the near 100k miles I owned the car for.   The BMW I replaced it with needed a lot of work done on the engine, partly under warranty as BMW likes to quietly repair just to get it out of their warranty period.   And then you're stuck with huge repair bills for issues which were supposed to be "fixed".   Hmm...   Maybe I should buy another reliable Subaru instead?


Marc 1 November 2017

A sad reflection of what was

A sad reflection of what was once an iconic model. Subaru never really caught up with how quickly the mid range performance car market has rocketed forward over the past 10 years or so, leaving the WRX outclassed and outpaced.