Currently reading: Student designs next Qoros with new concept
Model created by Coventry University design student could point towards a future Qoros flagship saloon

This is the Qoros 9, a design proposal for the Chinese start-up brand created by 29-year-old Korean student Jihoon Seo.

Seo spent five months working as an intern at the Qoros design studio in Shanghai and the company also sponsored the creation of this 1:4.5 scale model, which served as Seo’s degree project at Coventry University’s automotive and transport design course. 

The project’s brief was to create a flagship concept saloon aimed at 40 to 50-year-old professionals living in a metropolitan city. The striking nose graphics and greater use of chrome as ornamentation are also thought to preview the next stage of Qoros’s production car design language as it shifts away from its present understated European look.

Sitting on 19-inch alloy wheels, the concept features a large trapezoidal grille and prominent lower air intakes, designed to give the car a striking appearance. At the rear, LED light bars feature while traditional wing mirrors are replaced with high-definition cameras.

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benanderson89 27 June 2014

I love how the other

I love how the other commentors are whining like old men. Take it from someone like me, a fashion concious 25 year old - that is one seriously sharp looking concept. If a production model used the same design cues with a nice, meaty engine (300+ HP V6 or Ti4), I'd seriously consider buying one.

In that regard, the designer has missed the mark on aiming for people in their 40s and 50s - but as a UK Yuppie youth statement, its nigh on perfect short of owning a Chevy Camaro.

winniethewoo 27 June 2014


you are right, the article it says this is aimed at 40 - 50 year olds, the ones you are chastising for whining. for us old fogies, this car is far off the mark, unlike say the new Volvo XC90 designed by Ingenlath, which is bloody gorgeous. i dont understand how a downmarket chinese large saloon is a yuppie statement? not sure what planet you are from, but in my neck of the woods, all of the the 25 year olds I know want bmw coupes or convertibles. golf gtis, fast audis, nissan gtrs, focus st's are also mentioned favourably. not a single one has revealed any sort of desire for a mondeo competitor. certainly non of them see owning a car by a chinese manufacturer making a positive statement about their accomplishments. oh and good luck getting insured on that fantasy 300bhp plus quros that will never get made, ooooh because I dont know, the vast majority of 25 year olds wouldnt want or be able to afford a 300bhp plus Mondeo sized car and the vast majority of 40-50 year olds who could afford and would want a 300bhp plus Mondeo sized car wouldnt want a car styled like a something out of a Playstation game.
Moparman 24 June 2014

It's a mix...

It looks like a Chrysler 300 crossed with a Bentley and the Ford 427 concept of about 10-years ago. Not bad but not original. However, car companies, especially in China, aren't looking for ground-breaking. With the plethora of nanny systems from reversing cameras to blind spot detectors a person could virtually drive a car now without need to see out of the windows (automatic braking can stop it from running into things and there is lane departure now as well). I prefer as much visibility as possible as I refuse to rely on those things but I am in the minority nowadays.
erly5 24 June 2014

Well I like it!

Qoros is currently the only Chinese brand that looks as if it could find success outside China with their contemporary designs.