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Image of clay model shows latest incarnation of Spyker D12 Peking to Paris SUV

This is the latest image of the production version of the Spyker D12 Peking to Paris SUV.

The picture, taken at the IVA Driebergen automotive and management institute in the Netherlands, has leaked onto the internet, further accelerating rumours that production plans for the ultra-luxurious Porsche Cayenne style car are gathering pace.

The concept was originally launched at the Geneva motor show four years ago, but development had been put on hold in November following Spyker’s bid for Saab.

The picture shows a clay model of the production vehicle, which differs significantly from the original concept. It sits lower, has less exaggerated hweelarches and is sleeker than before.

The monster SUV, was originally scheduled to be powered by a Volkswagen W12 engine with a claimed 0-60mph time of 5.0sec and a top speed of 185mph. However, speculation suggests that Spyker may now approach GM for a V8 engine, following its purchase of Saab.

Spyker has previously said the D12 will cost £186,000.

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fuzzybear 12 April 2010

Re: Spyker's Cayenne - new spy pic

Jeez, if they're gonna go really whacky- why not make it amphibious. The clay model on the projector kinda does already. Maybe as Spyker are relocating their production to the UK , they could involve Sunseeker in a project - a Spyker-Sunseeker Predator 20" or something :oD

jskater 12 April 2010

Re: Spyker's Cayenne - new spy pic

The words "pig in a sock" spring to mind. "Porsche Cayenne style" indeed.

RedlineS3 12 April 2010

Re: Spyker's Cayenne - new spy pic


You just have to copy and paste from a press release, surely someone will have proof-read that first...