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Clearest shots yet show off new rear end design

These are the clearest spy shots yet of the new BMW M5, showing off its rear end in more detail than ever before.

The pictures show the rear lights have a 5-series GT style LED design. This is the first time the lights have been seen - previously spied prototypes had a cylindrical taillight lense.

The flagship 5-series's front end again sports gaping intakes set into the front bumper to aid cooling, which were first seen in testing shots last week.

The super-saloon will likely get the same 4.4-litre V8 to that found in the X6 M SUV, but it will be tweaked to give a unique character. The direct injection V8 will have twin-scroll twin turbochargers with an output of around 540bhp.

A raft of clever “active” aerodynamics features are also planned for the M5 to make it more slippery. BMW believes a 10 per cent reduction in drag reduces fuel consumption by 2.5 per cent, and the 2011 M5 could get flaps that open and close on its body to alter air flow.

The wheelbase is expected to be 10mm longer than the current car's, but despite the larger dimensions BMW wants the new M5 to be the same weight as the current M5’s 1830kg.

BMW denies giving the car a four-door coupe shape but it has smooth, flowing roofline that extends far back along the car.

As you can see from our spy shots the M5 will get huge drilled discs to provide formidable stopping power.

A BMW source said: “The M division will start from the ground up instead of just taking the lump from another car. Customers would expect something different.”

This will be mated to either a six-speed manual or the BMW M DCT.

The car is expected to be revealed at the end of next year and go on sale in 2011.


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