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Firm celebrates 10 years of sales in the UK with a generously equipped special edition

Smart is commemorating 10 years of UK sales with a special edition Fortwo, the gb-10.

The generously equipped Smart Fortwo gb-10 edition will be limited to just 100 units; the mix of models breaks down as 50 petrol coupés, 30 diesel coupes, 10 petrol cabrios and 10 diesel cabrios.

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All models are finished in silver and receive silver 15-inch Brabus alloy wheels. The tridion safety cell gets a special red finish. LED daytime running lights are added at the front, while a third LED braking light is also added at the rear.

Inside, gb-10 logos feature on the gearknob and handbrake, as well as on the headrests of the heated Rosso red leather seats. Leather is also used on the inside door panels, while black Alcantara is used for the dashboard and silver trim surrounds the instrument dials. Each model will get its own individual ‘1 of 100’ badging.

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Other standard equipment includes sat-nav, air-con, electric windows and a panoramic roof.

The gb-10 edition is on sale now costing from £10,695. It will be on display for the first time at next month’s Smart Festival. Smart sales first started in the UK in October 2000; more than 75,000 have been sold here since then.

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superstevie 21 August 2010

Re: Special Smart for 10 years in UK

Mr£4worth wrote:
3000 when I was there 3 years back.....maybe the fad is over?
I assume you mean brooklands? Ive been to the first 2 they had there, and it was around 1200-1300 cars then. Im friends with one of the guys who is organising it, and they are expect 1500 this year. There may well have been around 3000 people there on the day though

Mr£4worth 20 August 2010

Re: Special Smart for 10 years in UK

3000 when I was there 3 years back.....maybe the fad is over?

Pauldalg 20 August 2010

Re: Special Smart for 10 years in UK

fhp11 wrote:

I can't understand the appeal, they arent that efficient, bad ride, poor gearbox, they look rediculous, not very practical, seriosuly, what kind of moron rides in one and thinks, yep, this is the car for me!

My Smart CDI does a genuine 75 mpg, and costs nothing to tax. No, it doesn't ride like a limo due to a very short wheelbase, but I didn't expect that when I bought it, and it's a long way from being unacceptable. Its costs £100 a month for three years, then I give it back. £3,600 "depreciation" in 3 years is pretty good vs any car on the market I believe. Try getting that kind of deal on an IQ (think at least 60% more, because unlike you I do actually know what I'm talking about here).

Look ridiculous? Question of taste.

Gearbox - I'm guessing you haven't tried one, or if you have you can't adapt to driving one. So it's your bad driving moron. In "auto" it's slow unless you lift off just prior to the change then it's smooth, and driven manually it's very good. It's not an auto - it's a robotised manual, you don't keep your foot flat when you change in your manual do you?

Not practical - bollocks, it's a two seater with a decent boot - I can get three medium sized dogs in it, I've been skiing with my wife without a ski rack needed for two sets of skis, boots, etc. It costs next to nothing to run, it is excellent in the snow. It can park in spaces that normal cars can't. It's our 2nd car, so all the super practical stuff is handled by an A4 Avant.

fhp11 wrote:

Interesting timing as I was just reading a study from the US showing that only 8.1% of owners would purchase the car again! That is far lower than teh next lowest rated car in the entire market at 37%.

So you expect Americans to like the smallest car on the market? What a stunning piece of analysis "php11". What about Europeans who the car is squarely aimed at? You must really hate it if you waste your life looking for reasons to knock it. Do you work for a competitor/Toyota?

Your sales drop talk is also bollocks, look at the SMMT site, sales are up this year, and from previous years too.

So, you hate it, so don't buy one, but don't write bollocks just because it's not the car for you. Depends what's on the market in a couple of years time, but I'd buy another one.