Currently reading: Smart EQ ForFour ends production ahead of Concept #1 SUV launch
Geely joint venture set to replace four-door supermini, which has been removed from UK sales lists

Smart has removed its EQ ForFour electric supermini from sale in the UK, ahead of the expected launch of the road-going Concept #1 SUV later this year.

The EQ ForFour had been on sale since 2017, when it was launched as the ForFour Electric Drive - itself an electric variant of the Smart ForFour ICE hatchback. It was given a facelift as recently as 2019, although its 80bhp electric motor and 17.6kWh battery remained unchanged, giving it an uncompetitive 70 miles of range - significantly less than rivals such as the Renault Zoe.

Production of the electric ForFour reportedly concluded at manufacturing partner Renault's Slovenian Novo Mesto plant in December, although the Renault Twingo Z.E with which it shares much of its underlying hardware remains on sale in many European markets.

The EQ ForTwo is now the only Smart model on sale in the UK, in hard-top and convertible forms.

Smart   633

That is set to change later this year when the production version of the Concept #1 SUV arrives. The compact electric SUV, which was revealed at last year's Munich motor show, will become the firm's first bespoke EV. It will also be the first model launched with cooperation from Geely, which now owns 50% of the Smart brand.

Under the terms of the partnership, Mercedes will continue to lead the design and styling of future Smart models, while Geely will lead the engineering.

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superstevie 4 January 2022

I hope that this is replaced by a proper city car as well as the upcoming small SUV. I've had various smarts over the years, and I love them for featuring large car equipment in a small car. They're flawed, but full of character. I get that an SUV will bring in the customers if done right, but that misses out the core premise of the brand, and will alienate many who have been loyal owners. 

CWBROWN 4 January 2022

Shame that Smart has to become a seller of CUV-blob-mobiles only. I guess its the only mass market left now.

An electric Smart Roadster would be an a fabulous thing, and probably a little more robust than the 452 original. 

superstevie 4 January 2022

I love my 452 roadster, faults and all. An electric one would be great, but it needs proper development this time around lol

Gisol 3 January 2022

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