Interview: Skoda tech chief on turning an Octavia into an SUV
3 March 2009

The Skoda Yeti SUV is one of the neatest production cars at this year's Geneva show. It takes the Czech manufacturer into a new market - and as Skoda technical director Eckhard Scholtz explains, the firm's engineers have used some pretty left-field methods to make it a cost-effective project.

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What is the platform basis of the Yeti?

It is basically the Octavia with shorter front and rear overhangs and a completely new upper structure and revised Haldex four-wheel drive system.

Why didn’t you share platforms with the VW Tiguan or Audi Q5?

They are too expensive for Skoda and too big and high, like proper SUVs. We need an affordable price point and better fuel economy. The Yeti’s lower roof and smaller profile help that.

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What about the four-wheel drive?

It is based on the Octavia Scout with some important differences. We have added a traction control system to reduce slip when going up and down hills, and have higher ground clearance and a steeper front ramp angle. The Yeti can attack much steeper hills because of that.

The interior looks to be of high quality?

We are very proud of the interior. It is very similar in quality to the Superb. The only difference is that the lower dash is in hard plastic. Also the panel gaps - they are the tightest of any Skoda model at 3.5mm, identical to Audi and VW.

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