Currently reading: Skoda Superb gets 1.6 TDI engine
Smaller diesel unit offers improved economy and CO2 emissions over old 1.9 TDI unit

Skoda has added Volkswagen Group’s 1.6 TDI engine to the Superb range.

The 104bhp, 184lb ft engine replaces the 1.9 TDI unit and is available to order now. The 1.6’s power and torque outputs are the same as the 1.9’s, but CO2 emissions are cut from 149g/km to 130g/km in the saloon and from 153g/km to 133g/km in the estate.

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Fuel economy is improved in the new diesel unit, too. In the saloon, it increases from 49.6mpg to 56.5mpg and in the estate it's up from 48.7mpg to 54.3mpg.

The saloon’s 0-62mph time stays at 12.5sec and the estate’s at 12.6sec, although top speed drops by 1mph to 117mph in the saloon and by the same amount to 116mph in the estate.

The new engine is available to order now, priced from £17,480 for the saloon and £18,640 for the estate.

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beachland2 20 August 2010

Re: Skoda Superb gets 1.6 TDI engine

the emissions will be better for sure.

J400uk 20 August 2010

Re: Skoda Superb gets 1.6 TDI engine

Not going to be the quickest car in the world, but still should be an improvement over the outgoing Superb 1.9 TDI PD 105 as that engine is pretty ancient now.

beachland2 20 August 2010

Re: Skoda Superb gets 1.6 TDI engine

blowerbentley wrote:
It's about time Autocar realised that lower CO2 output and improved fuel consumption are the same thing. Where else do you think the CO2 comes from?

i dont think thats strictly true.

petrol cars fitted with catalytic converters change co into co2. take out the cat and it would make a lot less co2 but not improve the fuel consumption (exhaust flow restrictions side).

its very ironic as a lot of energy is being used in industry to make co out of co2. when its made freely by car exhausts but which is turned into co2. petrol cars could be lower tax bands if they didnt have cats.