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Hot new Skodas revealed at VW Group's Worthersee event in Austria

Skoda has launched the most extreme versions yet of its Fabia and Octavia models at VW Group's Worthersee event in Austria.

Both models take the RS+ name and feature a range of styling and aerodynamic upgrades over the vRS models they are based on.

See pictures of the Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+

The Fabia RS+ has been inspired by the Fabia S2000 rally car competing in the IRC rally championship. It gets new black-tinted headlights and a blacked-out front grille, while black spoilers are fitted at both the front and the rear. The rear also gets a new diffuser, while air vents have been sculpted into the car's bonnet.

Inside, the Fabia RS+ gets sports seats and a colour scheme to match the exterior's two-tone grey and lime green finish.

The Octavia RS+ gets the same colour scheme inside and out as the Fabia RS+, as well as the same exterior and interior upgrades. In addition to the Fabia RS+, the Octavia RS+ gets LED rear lights.

Skoda also displayed two Fabia S2000 rally cars at Worthersee.

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Peter Cavellini 17 May 2010

Re: Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+

Not the only cars on the road today that are all show and no go, are they?, you know who i'm talking about?.

Mini1 17 May 2010

Re: Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+

I like them... but it doesn't say whether they're actually going to be put into production? Those are some pretty wacky wheels - I like them, but for production? Brilliant if they are :D

andrepaul999 10 May 2010

Re: Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+

captainrick wrote:
Perhaps Skoda should concentrate on delivering existing orders. Our Fabia Elegance 1.2TSI DSG, ordered on the 8th. March won't be built until week 30 at the earliest. Long delays for DSGs, panoramic roofs on Yeti & Superb estates, allegedly. At least they are not left rusting on a disused airfield!

Thats supply and demand for you............just goes to prove how desirable the Little Skodas have become