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Sporty car set for winter 2011 launch
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16 October 2009

A Seat Leon coupe could go on sale as soon as winter 2011, Autocar has learned.

The car is designed to build the brand’s sporting credentials, and Seat hopes it wil provide a Scirocco style boost to its brand.

New Seat Alhambra next year

“A design proposal already exists for this car,” said Seat sales and marketing boss Jan Lafrentz.

“We see Leon and Ibiza as the two main pillars of our product line-up, and it makes sense for us to expand them as much as possible. A C-segment coupe is much more easy to package than a B-segment coupe, and would be more profitable for us.

“The Scirocco has done great things for Volkswagen, and I believe this car could do even greater things for us."

Matt Saunders

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16 October 2009

ive not been taken with the seat design of late! they have a good enough line up but i cant help but feel its a brand that is overlooked by many people when looking for a new car

16 October 2009

It makes sense for them to do this. I do think VAG should do a polo sized coupe aswell though, which could be a radical sports car in flagship |R form, lightweight and high power.

16 October 2009

[quote beachland2]I do think VAG should do a polo sized coupe aswell though, which could be a radical sports car in flagship |R form, lightweight and high power.[/quote]

I drove a new Cordoba GTi around for a month in 1994 and it was a blast (not 'radical' though). A new one would be a great idea. A Leon sized coupe should have been out before the Scirocco in my opinion- SEAT is supposed to be the 'sporty' end of VAG isn't it? Can't they do something with the TT while they're at it? What's the point of prolific badge sharing if you're not going to share?

Definitely get the impression that VAG suppresses SEAT a bit too much.

16 October 2009

Can't do any harm,can it?use the mk7 Golf chassis, give it say 280bhp,make it for say two grand less than a Golf/Scirocco and watch them fly out the dealers, oh, and some bright colors too,funky!!

17 October 2009

Couldn't they just use the Scirocco's platform?

17 October 2009

The Leon Mk3 coupe is expected to be based on the Golf Mk7 platform.
(The Scirocco is currently using the Golf Mk5-6/Leon Mk2 platform.)

19 May 2010

the recent coupes coming in the market are really great. i had a scoot coupe for myself a couple of months back just for general chores. hope more electric version come in the market.

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