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Hot Scirocco and Golf expected in February next year

Volkswagen has confirmed the ‘R’ versions of the Scirocco and Golf will cost £26,945 and £28,930 respectively.

Fitted with a 2.0-litre TSI four-cylinder engine and a six speed manual gearbox as standard, the Scirocco R develops 261bhp, while the Golf R produces 266bhp.

The Scirocco channels its power through the front wheels while the Golf gets a version of Volkswagen’s 4Motion four-wheel drive system.

A six-speed DSG gearbox is available as an option on both models from £1300.

The first examples of both cars are expected to reach showrooms by next February.

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Johnnytheboy 2 November 2009

Re: Scirocco and Golf R pricing

beachland2 wrote:
The point is its a great looking coupe, nicer than the golf or a Seat.

Seat never manage to make both ends of their designs look good at once. You can have a car with a pretty nose, or a pretty tail, but not both.

Quattro369 1 November 2009

Re: Scirocco and Golf R pricing

Chas Hallett wrote:
The fact that the Scirocco is relatively cheap compared to the Golf is down to where it's made. The coupe is made in Portugal, the Golf is made in Wolfsburg. Tells you all you need to know about labour costs (about 1800 euros per car difference a VW big cheese told me)

Hi Chas, Thanks for your comment. I dont mean to be rude but I dont think the amount it costs to build a car has a direct relevance to how much it will retail for -especially with German brands. Just ask Porsche: The Cayman is cheaper to build than the Boxster, yet the Cayman costs more. Even within VAG there are examples: A Bentley Continental doesnt cost £50k more to make than the Phaeton W12, yet that is the difference in price between the retail price of both.

I just think there is more behind the price difference between the Golf and Scirocco. Retail price is more about market postioning. If VW felt they could charge an extra £2000 for the Scirocco then they would do so without hesitation. They must feel that its not substantially better or more desirable than the Golf and realise that pricing it much higher would put it up against cars like the Audi TT, Alfa Brera and Nissan 350Z where it would be seriously outclassed.

beachland2 1 November 2009

Re: Scirocco and Golf R pricing

The point is its a great looking coupe, nicer than the golf or a Seat.