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Cleaner, technology-packed interior for Merc's next-gen luxury saloon, due in 2013
Matt Prior
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5 November 2010

Mercedes-Benz says the next-generation S-class’s interior will set “new standards” of both design and quality when it goes on sale in 2013.

The new luxury saloon will carry over no cabin architecture from existing models. But hints of its design can be seen in the F800 Style concept revealed at the Geneva motor show in March.

Like the F800, the new S-class will have a much cleaner cabin with far fewer hard switches than it does currently. Expect it to be freer of artificial-looking materials, with greater use of contoured, marine-style wood and aluminium.

“This car [the F800] will have a really big influence on our production cars,” says Jürgen Hirsch, Mercedes’ concept manager. Key to the reduction in switchgear is a new control interface, which uses an iPhone-style touch-screen.

A raft of new technology will make its debut on the new S-class. Essential to much of it is the introduction of a pair of forward-facing video cameras in the rear-view mirror console.

Complementing the existing forward radar, the stereo cameras’ reading of the road will allow the introduction of Magic Ride Control, a damping system that Mercedes expects will reduce body movements by 50 per cent. They’ll also be used to identify vulnerable pedestrians and allow the introduction of a low-speed cruise control that also has the ability to take over the steering in certain situations.



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5 November 2010

They will need to be careful as many people equate the number of switches and buttons with luxury. I think their were almost 200 in my mothers old CL. There were 12 just for each seat function from memory - heat, cool, ventilate, massage, back, forward etc etc etc. Although Merc's electric seat design has never been surpassed and shoudl be left alone IMO

5 November 2010

BMW was the first manufacturer to address the buttons issue in their e65. Now, they got good at it. I wonder how long it will take Merc? It's all good and well to try and revolutionise the interior design, but, in the end, it still boils down to taste.

5 November 2010

It will be interesting to see if this will be a real revolution in interiors as Mercedes are promising, there are no radically different interiors in the modern car many gimmicks but no radicalism. As touch screens are all the rage it will be interesting to see if these play any part and a major reduction in buttons will lower confusion rates. As this is the top of the Merc range then they have a chance to really set the standards for all cars.

5 November 2010

The cabin in the photograph has melted!

Still, I'm all for fewer buttons and gizmos. On the Merc to the airport I counted 128 buttons, and those were only the ones I could see from the rear seat.

5 November 2010

Sounds like they are taking the threat of the beautiful interior of the XJ seriously...

5 November 2010

[quote supermanuel]Sounds like they are taking the threat of the beautiful interior of the XJ seriously...[/quote]

Indeed. The XJ interior may not be 'revolutionary' but it certainly is gorgeous.

5 November 2010

The problem with touch screens, and the reason Audi rejected it in favour of MMI years ago, is that you have to be looking at the screen and concentrating on it to use it. An MMI/iDrive set-up might be a little slower to master, but once you are familiar with it you can use it with your eyes closed (or more appropriately, your eyes on the road).

With a touch screen, especially since the 'buttons' can be placed anywhere on the screen, you need to look at where you are touching. Try playing with an iPhone without looking at what you are doing and see how successful you are. Touch screens are great in showrooms because people can play with them in a stationary environment and marvel at how pretty they are and how simple they are to use. Doesn't work so well at 70 mph when you want to change playlists or adjust settings.

5 November 2010

[quote Dark Isle]

[quote supermanuelIndeed. The XJ interior may not be 'revolutionary' but it certainly is gorgeous.


Thank God some part of the new XJ is gorgeous.

5 November 2010

[quote disco.stu]Doesn't work so well at 70 mph when you want to change playlists or adjust settings.[/quote]

Surely, at 70mph, you're supposed to be driving?

5 November 2010

Great to see the Austin Allegro `quartic' steering wheel making a welcome return.


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