Currently reading: Rule-breaking Fisker Pear to anchor four-model line-up
Compact entry-level model should be the best-selling Fisker when it arrives by 2023

The Fisker Ocean will soon stand at the head of a four-model Fisker line-up, all due to be revealed by 2025.

Designer and CEO Henrik Fisker plans to put one million Fisker-badged EVs on the road between now and 2027 and will expand the company further to become a million-a-year car business beyond 2030.

Next to arrive in 2023 will be Fisker’s eventual biggest seller, the Pear (for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). He said it’s a rule-breaking car, already designed, that will be built in a formerly dormant GM US factory in Ohio once capable of making 500,000 cars a year.

Fisker’s partner on the Pear is mammoth Taiwanese technology group Foxconn, which will own the Pear factory and take charge of manufacturing while Fisker retains control of design and engineering, as it does with the Magna-built Ocean.

Described by Henrik Fisker as “the kind of car Apple would make for a life in a megacity like London or Los Angeles”, the Pear will have a base price of $29,900 (roughly £22,500) and be about 4500mm long. But “it doesn’t look like an Ocean or anything else”, he said.

The partners aim to manufacture and sell the car in the US, Europe, India and China and believe worldwide volume could eventually reach a million units a year.

The third EV Fisker model, described as “a redefinition of a luxury sports car of the future”, is under development at Fisker Magic Works, the recently announced UK engineering centre led by former Aston Martin special projects chief Dave King. Henrik Fisker said the spirit of the model is that of “a proper British sports car”, although because it has neither a big front engine nor a large rear-mounted fuel tank, it lacks both the high bonnet line and comparatively long tail of conventional GTs.

The form of Fisker’s fourth car is still being discussed, although the designer seems unlikely to challenge the many luxurious EV saloons he believes already crowd the market. “We have many options,” he said, “because there are so many EV segments that still have no entries. If you’re looking for a Porsche Boxster-type car, or a minivan, you have very few options. Anyway, we don’t have to decide for a while.”

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xxxx 5 April 2022

oh how I laughed when I read base prices like this. Fisker should start making cars before making headlines

Peter Cavellini 5 April 2022

In a City of our future transport needs to be on time, quite, efficient and Carbon neutral, building personal transport big or small doesn't go that far, it can't for various reasons which most of you will know , the utopian ideal of totally automated transport where nobody drives into the City, there's no stress getting into work, there's clean-ish air to breath, well, that's some way off, it's the human part of it that's the problem, we all want it our way like a fast food Hamburger, some want to go big, drive a big long bonneted car, some want to show there respecting the Planet and buy the little box like Car they can find, this will never change.

Anton motorhead 5 April 2022
Agree with Bol, but in LA a 4.5m car is not totally out of place with probably a lot of F-150s driving around there. However, one can't help admiring Fisker's dedication, optimism and entrepreneurship. If only he can deliver on his promises everything might be good. I wish him all the success he deserves.