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American sports car heads range of converted left-hook-only models now offered by Clive Sutton

The Chevrolet Corvette can now be bought in right-hand-drive guise thanks to a conversion offered by luxury dealership Clive Sutton.

Chevrolet builds its 6.2-litre V8 sports car in left-hand drive only, but Clive Sutton is working with an engineering firm to offer a right-hand-drive conversion for £54,000.

Sixteen other models are currently available for conversion to right-hand drive, including the 707bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (below), Cadillac Escalade, Dodge Ram 2500, Ford F-150 and previous-generation Ford Mustang.

More models are due to be added to the list, but Clive Sutton says it wants to produce prototype versions for testing first before bringing them to market.

Dodge 111challenger hellcat 2014 020 0

“We’ve been running our converted Dodge Ram for over a year without any problems,” said a spokesman. “Every car comes with a one-year warranty, but we hope to expand that in the near future.”

The work takes between 12 to 16 weeks to be carried out. The conversions take place in Britain, meaning any future servicing or repairs can be dealt with here.

The most affordable conversions are the pick-ups, with work on the 5.7-litre V8 engined Dodge Ram 1500, for example, costing £26,400.

The most expensive conversion is for the a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6, which costs £780,000 to buy in right-hand-drive form – more than double the regular left-hand-drive car’s starting price.


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samra 16 October 2016


i like the green one

such look like green hornet

sabre 1 October 2016

G63 price

Sutton doubles the price because he doesn't only change the position of the steering wheel from left to right. He also changes the wheels+tyres from left to right and there are 6 of them.
TS7 1 October 2016

Given that a Dodge RAM 1500 V8...

...starts at $27,740 Stateside, it looks like Sutton pretty much uses the Dollar price, crosses out the $ and substitutes a £, then doubles the final result to get a UK retail price. Whilst not underestimating the amount of work required, and acknowledging that more expensive US vehicles would represent better value once the RHD conversion is taken in to account, one would have to be desperate (-ly stupid) to fork out for this sort of thing. It would be cheaper to emigrate accross the pond.
TS7 1 October 2016

That would be 'across'...

...not 'accross'! Welcome to 1999, where one still can't edit posts.