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First picture of the revised GT-R leaks onto the internet; autumn launch for luxurious Spec-M model
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27 August 2010

The first image of the revised 2012 Nissan GT-R has leaked onto the internet.

The image, leaked to Nissan GT-R fan site, reveals subtle styling changes, including the addition of LED daytime running lights (previously seen in spy pictures), modifications to the front grille and front bumper and a new rear diffuser, said to increase downforce by 10 per cent.

See the leaked pic of the 2012 Nissan GT-R and spy pics of the luxurious Spec-M

The launch of the revised GT-R is expected to coincide with the official unveiling of the luxurious Spec-M variant. Reports from Japan suggest the car will officially be confirmed on 18 October and revealed at Nissan's Yokohama headquarters on 17 November.

Styling changes are also expected for the hardcore Spec-V variant to further differentiate it from the rest of the range.

Many of the changes are designed to boost the GT-R's aerodynamic efficiency and the changes are said to reduce its drag coefficient from 0.272 to 0.268.

Read more on the revised Nissan GT-R, including Spec-M variant

The pictures also reveal the GT-R will get new lightweight forged aluminium alloy wheels, each expected to be 3kg lighter. Two new colour schemes are expected to be offered: Aurora Flare Blue Pearl and Nebula Opal Black.

Both power and torque from the standard GT-R's twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 are expected to be increased, too.

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27 August 2010

its like an arms race between nissan and porsche.

which is a good thing for us.

27 August 2010

Giant Killer +++

Will be future classic's like R32-34 GTR's one day

27 August 2010

I love this car and that's further fuelled by many trips in my cousin's R34 GTR. Simply awesome cars.

But! Daytime running lights?!

Mind you everyone else has them so I guess Nissan feel they have to keep up with the times!

27 August 2010

It's because they're becoming a legal requirement soon - or perhaps already are in some parts of europe

27 August 2010

now they managed to Chav-it-up even further

(as it wasn`t already a lot Chav-looking)

how much they will dare to charge for this upper-Chav version?

27 August 2010

its the law.

it will be a big shock the those avoiding it due to chavness when eventually they themselves will hav no choice but to have their own car with them chavving away with low wattage energy during the daytime.

27 August 2010

Blinding motor. was fortunate to have a spin in one(albeit in the passenger seat) and absolutely loved it. definate future classic.

27 August 2010

Carved from a brick. Interior by Lego. Distributed by JCB.

27 August 2010

For the same price as a basic 911 you get a car that frightens the top of the standard 911 range. (which is roughly twice the price of the Japanese car) Spend the difference between the GTR and 911 Turbo S on boosting the GTR`s pace at the numerous GTR performance shops and then you get a car which demolishes the 911 turbo S both on the road and at the track! 911`s are good German cars, but the wow factor is not there anymore with them and as a Supercar they lack the visual cues to mix it with exotica... Familiarity breeds indifference and I`m exceedingly indifferent to seeing 911`s of any age or description on the road now! The GT-R looks more unusual and therefore more of interest to myself personally! In short its more of a covetous machine in my eyes.

28 August 2010

but, the tipical Turbo S (or Turbo) customer don`t give a f*** to tweaks & mods, he just want a fast & well built car for 2-3 years that is suitable to go shopping at Tesco and competent at motorways & tracks.

better, I just admit oil changes every 20 000Km, not every 6 000Km -> they hate need to commute in their Cygnets everytime the car goes to the workshop.

and they all prise the handling of their tarted-up Beetles.


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