Stylish new Laguna keeps concept’s good looks
24 May 2008

This is the long-awaited Renault Laguna coupe, which will be launch at this weekend’s Monaco Grand prix and the Cannes film festival.

In comparison to the Laguna coupe concept, the production car has a higher roofline and has lost some of the show car’s sharp styling. The rear of the door is now a much more conventional straight edge, rather than the concept’s sports car like shape, and the doors themselves are deeper. The bootlid is now higher, too.

The car’s shape is, however, totally different to the Laguna hatch. The front end has new wings, a new bonnet and a new bumper with a wide, Aston-Martin-like single piece intake. At the rear the concept’s narrow LED taillights have made it into production although the shape of the bootlid has changed.

Closely based on the Renault Laguna hatch, the coupe is built on the same platform as the four-door with the same suspension layout. But it’s slightly shorter, lower and wider, at 4.64m long, 1.4m high and 1.83m wide. Higher-spec versions will be available with Renault’s Active Drive four-wheel steering system, as used on the Laguna GT.

The car comes with existing engines from the Laguna range plus a new diesel and petrol V6. The 3.0-litre oil-burner packs 235hp and 332b ft of torque, while the 3.5-litre petrol unit offers 240bhp and 244lb ft; both come with an automatic transmission. The petrol V6 will be the range-topping model and should hit 60mph in under seven seconds.

The coupe will be aimed and priced in between the Peugeot 407 coupe and the BMW 3-Series coupe. That means prices will start at around £22,000, rising to around £27,000 for the range-topping V6 models.

Despite the low sales of upmarket French cars such as the 407 coupe and Renault’s own Vel Satis, Renault claims that the UK is one of the top four markets for the coupe.

Due to be launched at the Paris motor show in October, sales of the new Renault Laguna coupe will start in the UK in November this year. 

Dan Stevens

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25 May 2008

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So what if the doors have 'a straight edge'? - This car is still extremely close to the Concept from Frankfurt, and the shape has hardly really changed! The starting price seems a tiny bit steep, but this is far and away better looking than an Audi A5, BMW 3-Series Coupe or Mercedes C Class Coupe! It's better looking than Peugeot's 407 Coupe, too. Add into this fairly appealing mix what looks to be a fantastically good quality interior and great handling, I have one thing to say. Renault's Design Mojo is back. Definitely back.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

25 May 2008

I agree. So close to the concept, wonderful proportions, beautifully balanced. Just one thing "It's better looking than Peugeot's 407 Coupe" rather damns it with faint praise - everything, except maybe the SsangYong Rodius, is better looking than Peugeot's 407 Coupe. Nice to read some positive comments, though, Mini1. Like you I wish it well.

25 May 2008

This car does look great. I'm sure many people will pop in to their local Renault dealer to have a quick look, before proceeding to the nearest Audi dealer or BMW dealer to make a purchase.

26 May 2008

I think Oaffie is right,a lot of people will simply not buy it because it has a Renault badge on the front,too many badge snobs out there who wuld rather buy a boring looking Audi!!...Looking at various websites its nice 2 see a lot positive comments about a French car for once though. Well done Renault!

26 May 2008

The front end suits the rakish profile of the coupe a lot more than the standard car but I am not convinced that it is a true quality product that will sell in large numbers.

26 May 2008

This car is simply the best looking mid-size coupe at the moment, easily eclipsing the 3-Series, CLK, A5 and 407 to name a few! In my eyes, it's even better looking that the Alfa GT which looks stunning.

I doubt the Laguna will be the best in class, but regardless of that fact watch it struggle for sales in the UK. As other comments have stated, the Laguna has the wrong badge and because many in the UK buy a car for its badge than its ability, the Renault brand simply won't do. Ok, the 3-Series is the best car in the class, but even if it wasn't and it was average like the CLK, it would still sell shed-loads. The benefits of the right badge.

Will be interesting to see if Vauxhall follows suit with an Insignia coupe, or whether it'll realise the V word is simply a turn off for many punters.

26 May 2008

It's nice enough. But it's a bit FIAT Coupe meets Ford Cougar. Overall a 'me too' effort. that's not to say I don't think similar things about the A5 vs 3 series. The Renault of course will fall way short of these two in quality and/or dynamic areas. Oh and it'll depreciate like your average top end PC graphics card..

26 May 2008

The Laguna Coupe's quality will actually be top notch, judging by the standard Laguna's BMW-beating feel-good factor. The plastics are amazing - tactile and soft, and they no longer look like fake leather. So the Laguna Coupe's cabin will definitely be a lovely place to be. I also think that badge snobbery is beginning to die down, especially judging by the number of New Mondeos we now see on the roads - so many people I know have chopped their 3-Series and A4s in for a taste of New Mondeo! The Laguna doesn't look like any other Coupé - the BMW 3-Series Coupe is awkward and the Audi A5 is bland to look at. To be honest, I always liked the look of the Laguna Hatchback, particularly the rear, which is completely unique - those pinprick LEDs frame the car's shape beautifully at night. But this Laguna Coupé is the icing on the cake. Absolutely stunning car and I reckon Renault should be proud that they're getting "It looks a bit like a DB9" comments about this car. Love it.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

26 May 2008

Beautiful show car, average production. Why show the concept in sexy white and flat-black wheels then introduce the production car in a forgettable grey? weird. It's like Renault are a bit embarrassed about it... The front lights don't sit easily on the front surfaces to my eye also. Nice idea, but shame about the execution.

30 May 2008

the concept is excellent, but she looks like.... a concept, very smooth, no angle. The real Laguna is more common but she is always beautiful, i love her on this video

Laguna coupé Video

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