Injecting glamour into a brand like Renault isn't an easy job but I reckon that the French maker has just pulled off quite a result with the Laguna coupe.  

You see I've just spent the weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix. And aside from the small matter of our Lewis doing a brilliant job to win in the wet, Renault chose it as the location to show its new coupe to the world. This after all is a place where you see more Ferraris than Fiestas and every other person has the oversized sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bag look.

Yet from where I was standing the Renault had the looks to fit right in. It certainly didn't look out of place in Casino Square or apparently at the Cannes film festival where it was also shown off on Saturday night. From certain angles it even looks like an Aston.... Well it did under the spotlights.

After the Twingo and the dull Laguna hatch, Renault needed to remind us that it can do style. In Monaco it looked like it had got some of its mojo back.

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