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Parents of daughters called Zoe rise in protest

Renault's decision to call it electric supermini Zoe has caused uproar in France.

Press reports suggest parents of children named Zoe are reported to have flooded the company with complaints and launched online petitions demanding the name be changed.

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"Our daughters have a beautiful first name that must not be associated with a car, so let us unite to bring pressure on a multinational which s going to destroy this pretty name for a children," says a petition launched by Sebastien Mortreus, from Auby.

"It's a scandal that they are able to use common first names for products."

Zoe is the 17th favourite girls name for newborns in France.

But Renault is unimpressed by the arguments.

"It is a name that evokes values of femininity, of youth, a playful spirit and vivacity," a spokesman told The Times newspaper. "It is also a reference to the concept of zero emissions."

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zozzle 7 January 2010

Re: Renault Zoe name causes uproar

People wouldn't think all the fuss was so silly if it was their daughter's name Renault was going to use!!

Why would Renault risk upsetting literally thousands of people in the uk (many more if you include France and other countries) plus all their families???? They won't thank you for it! Have you lost the plot Renault!!

Organisations should definitely be banned from using first names for products!

Zeddy 26 November 2009

Re: Renault Zoe name causes uproar

Those "wacky" Frenchies. Is there nothing they won't complain or go on strike about?

Johnnytheboy 26 November 2009

Re: Renault Zoe name causes uproar

It's terrifying how long I had to think about that for...