New model to sit above Laguna in the Renault line-up
6 April 2012

Renault is planning to bolster its range with a large saloon to take on cars such as the Volkswagen Passat.

The unnamed model — which has still to be approved by Renault chiefs — will sit above the Laguna in the line-up. It is not expected until 2016.

Stephen Norman, Renault’s marketing chief, singled out the Passat as a target for the car. The Passat was the third strongest-selling upper-medium car in the UK last year behind the Vauxhall Insignia and BMW 3-series.

Norman reckoned that Renault’s new offering, like the VW, could be a construed as a credible alternative to the two biggest sellers in the class and the Ford Mondeo.

“We can’t leave the Passat to succeed on its own in the upper-medium market,” Norman said.Norman predicted that the UK would be a key market for the new car. The upper-medium sector accounts for 13 per cent of UK car sales.

“Fifty per cent of the upper-medium car market is in the UK and Germany. If you want to succeed in that market, you have to succeed in those countries,” he said.

The new car could bear a family resemblance to the Renault Samsung SM7, a saloon sold only in Korea.

Renault is also understood to be close to finalising the concept for a Laguna replacement, due in 2015. It has still to be determined whether the car will be offered as a saloon or a hatchback, and a combined option like the Skoda Superb’s ‘Twindoor’ is believed to be under consideration. It seems likely that the Laguna name will be phased out.

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6 April 2012

Renault should replace the Laguna with this model.A model above the Laguna range is ill advised considering Renaults poor performance in this segment.

6 April 2012

I don't understand what Renault are playing at. They've been here countless times before - the Safrane and Vel Satis. They took the decision earlier this year to remove the Laguna from the UK market thanks to poor sales over the past 5 years. They want to introduce a model that's based on a car that Renault developed for Korea? I think they've got their wires crossed. Stick to small/medium cars, Renault, and grow those ranges - because that's what you do best.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

6 April 2012

They had a great foothold in this sgement 10 years ago with the Laguna II - launched at the same time as the MKII Mondeo. I had one a 1.9 dCi Privilege estate and loved it, none of the reliability woes supposedly suffered by this model; well equipped, very spacious, comfortable and super frugal.

6 April 2012

Seems very misguided to me when the in thing now is to downsize . It may sell in France or might even make some headway as an Estate in the UK but Renault would be much more sensible to have a look at Citroen C6 sales to see what a waste of investment this large French car would be .

Large family cars are a dieing breed if you ask me. Now we have crossovers MPVs and 4x4s and even low end premium executives as competition .

Renault are completely of their trolley the markets fastest growing sales are superminis a traditional area of strength for Renault and the new Clio does not look much cop to me .

Crazy !

6 April 2012

[quote Autocar]Renault is planning to bolster its range with a large saloon to take on cars such as the Volkswagen Passat[/quote]

So the car they currently have competeing with the passat, the laguna, isn't cutting the mustard and they think their next attempt will fair better

6 April 2012

What on earth is going on at Renault? They axe their Passat rival only to 'plot' another one a month later.

6 April 2012


6 April 2012

Rumours are that Renaults sister company Nissan will also be bringing out a new saloon using the same basic structure, it will be called Primera ;-)

6 April 2012

But haven't they already done that with the Renault Latitude - based on the Samsung SM5

6 April 2012

Yes, they have. It's a very nice-looking car.

What's with designing another one? Like many in this thread, I'm struggling to work out Renault's rationale.


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