Currently reading: Range Rover Evoque spied in London
Range Rover Evoque caught on camera during promotional filming

Land Rover has released images of the new Range Rover Evoque taken two days ago in central London.

The undisguised three-door SUV was being filmed by the manufacturer and a short series of still shots has been uploaded onto YouTube.

The screen grab shown here, shot alongside Bank tube station in the City of London, gives a good idea of the Evoque’s compact dimensions.

The car parked behind the Range Rover is a VW Fox supermini. It highlights just how steeply the Evoque’s roofline slopes, plus the car's bluff rear end and tiny rear window.

The Evoque goes on sale in summer 2011 and is expected to be available with Victoria Beckham-designed interior treatments. The former singer turned fashion designer has been appointed by Land Rover as a design consultant for the Evoque project.

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vanoord 24 August 2010

Re: Evoque spied in London

Range Rover CRX?

n50pap 23 August 2010

Re: Evoque spied in London

Freelance journo wrote:
Victoria Beckham? You couldn't make it up. Probably says everything about LR now that you want to know.

According to reports at the weekend, Dave & Vicki are laying off staff, so perhaps she needs the design job to make ends meet. I'm sure there are plenty of designers with qualifications and years of experience, but no job, who wish her well in yet another exploitation of her amazing talents. I can't wait to visit my local Land Rover dealer to marvel at her choice of interior fixtures and fittings. I really should order one, but I feel that, perhaps, there may be models in the range which haven't been blinged to death, so I'll check them first.
Akytdi 21 August 2010

Re: Evoque spied in London

I think Land rover/Range rover has always been seen as a Masculine brand, I think this does look good and will sell, although here in blightly we all know that Range rover is actully a car that land rover made once the truth is everywhere else range rover is a luxery brand, for example: Ranger rover sport/Vogue for footballer/drug dealer/oligarch/Sheik Evoque for his wife/girlfriend/mistress and of course it lowers the entry point into the Range rover brand making it more appealing to more people, I say good on JLR Britain needs more successful, market leading manufacturing companies, well thats my thoughts