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Maserati's sports saloon will not increase in size like rivals to stay 'sporty'

The next Maserati Quattroporte will not get any bigger, according to Fiat design boss Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

“Even though our rivals – such as the new Audi A8 – are getting longer, we have to keep it as a sporty alternative,” he said.

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Ramaciotti also admitted that the current grille treatment would remain. Harald Wester, Maserati’s CEO, has said the car will be offered with four-wheel drive and stop-start technology.

The new sports saloon, due in 2012, will also weigh around 15 per cent less than the current model and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will be improved by around 25 per cent.

Wester claims the addition of four-wheel drive will help Maserati's flagship model compete with its German rivals.

Other measures in the pipeline include downsized V6 and V8 engines, as well as an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

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JacobE 29 September 2010

Re: 'Quattroporte will not get bigger'

Me too, but the later automatic cars are still a little steeply priced to replace my aging XJR! Give it a year or so and pick up an early 07 model for less than 30k and you have a great, great car.

bentleyboy 29 September 2010

Re: 'Quattroporte will not get bigger'

Was lucky enough to drive one at a hotel in Scotland last year, had it for an afternoon - have always loved the looks and the noise, but the drive was sensational - have even been looking at a few older ones and seeing how many pennies short I am...hmmm will get one on the drive before the year is out I hope!!!

KArkhon 29 September 2010

Re: 'Quattroporte will not get bigger'

ischiaragazzo wrote:
Anyway this car is so beautiful I think they should leave it alone
It is quite beautiful, but in my opinion its age is beginning to show, so I'm looking forward to the new one. I hope the new version will look a lot like this one (modernized of course) and the extremely beautiful GranTurismo/Cabrio.