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Stripped out version of the Cayman tipped to be launched at the LA motor show in November

Porsche will launch a lightweight Clubsport version of the Cayman this year, according to reports.

Several US media reports claim the Porsche Cayman Clubsport has had a positive reception among American and European dealers and will go into production early next year following an LA motor show launch in November.

The Cayman would be similar in concept to the Porsche Boxster Spyder, which was launched at the LA motor show last year. That car is a special run-out model for the Boxster range, which is set to be replaced alongside the Cayman in 2011/12.

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The long-rumoured Cayman Clubsport will be around 80kg lighter than the standard car, with the biggest weight saving taking place in the wheels, doors and interior.

There is also tipped to be a subtle power upgrade to its 3.4-litre flat-six engine helping to shave up to half a second off the Cayman S’s 0-62mph time.

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Other upgrades are expected to include lowered suspension, a duck-tail rear spoiler and Clubsport graphics, while a roll cage will be offered as part of an optional track pack.

A Porsche spokesman said the car was just “speculation” at this time.

“We’ve had no confirmation of this car just yet,” they said, “but it’s a car that’s been talked about for a long time we’ve already done a similar thing with the Boxster.”

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Tiffany 22 October 2012

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Lotus Man 4 August 2010

Re: Porsche Cayman CS 'at LA show'

MHanna wrote:

Lotus Man wrote:

Have you owned a Cayman S? Thought not.....

What's not to like?

. Clarkson said the same thing when he reviewed the "Coxster". He resented (among other things) the fact that they chose not to fit an LSD because it would make the car as fast as a 911.

Really? Are we as educated petrolheads relying on a comedian who chose to buy an SLK?

Don't get me wrong I like Clarkson - he's a good presenter, but just like Tony Blair was/is a good politician - they're not always right !

McJohn 30 July 2010

Re: Porsche Cayman CS 'at LA show'

All manufacturers have a hierarchy of cars, it is done deliberately to tempt you further up the range. No matter what you buy, it could always be bigger, faster, better, but for some reason the poor old Cayman seems to be the one that all the armchair pundits home in on. I'll bet that none of these couch experts have ever driven a Cayman, much less owned one.

I however do own one, and worse still I own the most derided version of all, the original 2.7 on small wheels. Every couch expert knows that this is a truly dreadful car, underpowered, underwheeled, and totally shackled for the benefit of the 911. Wrong.

Almost all modern sports cars are way too powerful and fast for modern road conditions, yet my Cayman retains all the tactile delight which made Porsche famous in the first place, and can be enjoyed without having to post hyper speeds on the dial. I have driven umpteen modern 911's, and would not swap my Cayman for any of them. The poster above who surmised that the 911 has morphed into something different to what it used to be is right on the money. The current 997's bear little resemblance to the older cars (and yes I have owned one of them too) and for me the simple 2.7 Cayman has more in common with the older Porsches than the modern luxo 997's do.

But yeh, what would I know, I'm only a Porsche owner, not a couch expert!